TVDIY Cosplay: How to Make Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

DIY Cosplay: How to Make Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

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Cosplay, or the incredibly fun act of dressing up as a character (or style)  from any form of entertainment/pop culture, fictional works, or even non-fictional works/media has become an incredibly popular cultural phenomenon that has gained popularity over the past few years . Instead of leaving the costumes solely for Halloween, cosplayers dress up year around, usually attending various  pop culture, comic, or anime conventions around the world.

Cosplay is for everyone, whether you make or buy your costume, it can be a very exciting experience to meet fellow fans, get pictures taken, and represent the character you love.  However, whether it is your first costume or your 100th, gathering pieces of a costume can be overwhelming, especially with searching online.

Nerd Much will be having DIY Cosplay Fridays starting today, providing you with pieces of costumes you can buy, as well as tips on how to put your costumes together.

This first Friday’s costumes are from Nickelodeon’s newest hit TV series, Miraculous LadybugHere’s how to make Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir:

Miraculous Ladybug

miraculous ladybug anime

Item list:



  1. Wig: It will probably be too long when you receive it. Cut off a few inches for a more accurate length. It’s always better to get a longer wig that a shorter wig if you are unsure of the length. Use the ribbons and elastic ponytail holders to make ponytails. It is recommended to use elastics first, then tie the ribbons.
  2. Suit: Use the bottom of a glass, a circular stamp, or an object with a flat, circular bottom to paint the spots on all over the suit. This will save a lot of time and worry you would have when using a paintbrush. Use a paintbrush to paint the black neckline.
  3. Mask and Yoyo: Use a thin paintbrush to dab spots on.
  4. Earrings: If you want more circular earrings, search for plain red earrings and paint spots on them.
  5. What to do for shoes?: There are a few options. You could wear red flats, invisible sandals, or glue soles to the feet of the suit. The last option can be tedious.
  6. Other notes: Instead of a yoyo, you can also look for a circular handbag to paint red and spots on. This way, you can also keep your belongings at your side.

Cat/Chat Noir

cat noir cosplay

Item list:



  1. Wig: Mika from Seraph of the End anime’s wig is a good choice/style for Cat Noir. It may come unstyled, so picking up some hair glue or styling products may be necessary.
  2. Suit/Zippers: Using a unisex base zentai suit is a good start for Cat Noir’s costume. The zippers on this list can be sewed or glued on with fabric glue to add details to the base. There are, however, some suits available with zippers already on them, but they may be a bit more pricy. Zippers are optional though!
  3.  Ears: The ears on this list are basic clip on cat ears. If these ears are not your style, you could take black craft foam to make bigger ears.
  4. Belt: Cat Noir has a tail, but it is more like a belt shape than a basic cat tail. That being said, buying two belts may be necessary. The first belt goes around the waist, and the other one can be tied vertically to that. (MEGA tip: If you want to save money, go to a thrift store, there are usually always black belts!)
  5. Shoes: Any black boots would work, but the ones listed actually have a compartment in the shoe, which is useful for cosplayers who do not want to lug around a bag/purse.
  6. Bell/Ribbon: Any jumbo craft bell would work, and can be attached to the ribbon on this list.
  7. Ring/Neon Paint Markers: The fine tip on the neon paint marker is perfect to make a paw print on the ring. (MEGA tip: The ring included on the list is part of a bulk listing. You may be able to find an individual one at a craft store). The markers can be used for the paw print on the middle of the staff as well.
  8. Staff/Spraypaint: There is not a staff listed because many options are pricy online (and are considered real weapons, which are not allowed at cons). A cheap and easy way to make a staff is below:
    1. Go to Home Depot, Lowes, or another hardware store.
    2. Go to the Plumbing section.
    3. Look for PVC pipe. Pick a pipe that is 1″ or more in width.
    4. Usually they are long, so find an employee to help cut it down to whatever height you are comfortable carrying around.
    5. After purchasing the PVC and taking it home, use the spray paint (usually 2-3 coats) to cover the “staff”.
    6. Paint the paw print in the middle of the staff.
    7. Done!

Do you have any tips for Miraculous cosplays? List them in the comments below!

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