10 Cool Hoodies for Nerds: The Ultimate List (2018)

If there is one article of clothing that is virtually accepted, it’s the hoodie. Wearable in every season and every part of the world, hoodies are great to wear over a shirt or when the weather is a little chillier than usual. However, beyond the basic styles or colors of sweatshirts, there are also some really cool hoodies available. Whether you are a part of an associated fandom or are just looking for something unique, there is a little bit of something for everyone.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 cool hoodies to buy:

1. Fallout Hoodie

Fallout hoodie

Fallout 4 is easily one of the best games of 2015, and now you can represent Vault 111 as the Sole Survivor with this stylish Fallout hoodie. This sweatshirt features the vibrant blue found on the vault suits, as well as the number and yellow trim that represents the iconic wear required by the Overseer. Personally, I own the Vault 101 hoodie based on the player vault from Fallout 3, and it is made of very high quality materials and is not thin like many sweatshirts are. This particular set on ThinkGeek features a 111 hoodie, a 111 backpack, Vault Boy Lunchbox, Fallout 4 flag, Nuka Cola shot glass, an Intelligence bobblehead, and a keychain, making it a great value for any Wastelander!

Price: $109.99

Buy the Fallout Hoodie here.

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2. Mewgaroo Hoodie

cool hoodies

Cat hoodies are undeniably cute, especially when the hoods have mini cat ears on them. However, what about a hoodie that can literally hold a cat in the pouch? This kangaroo-like sweatshirt features a cat like design, as well as a special pouch in the middle to hold a real kitty (or small animal). For feline-lovers who love to cuddle up with their favorite pets, this hoodie is perfect. Imagine how comfortable and warm it would be, especially in the coming winter months.

Price: $80.30

Buy it here.

3. Assassin’s Creed Inspired Hoodie

Assassin's Creed Hoodie

There is one thing about Assassin’s Creed that stays true no matter what the installment is, the characters look so amazing in their robes, coats, and outfits. Although this hoodie is not a cosplay or officially like a specific character’s attire, the design is heavily inspired by the popular game series. The sweatshirt looks very flattering and stylish, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to look cool or wear something inspired by Ezio and the assassins in the story. The large hood makes for an added bonus, adding to the “assassin” feel.

Price: $24.79+

Buy the Assassin’s Creed-Inspired Hoodie here.

4. Light Up Electro Hoodie

cool hoodies

Whenever you go to a rave, a nightclub, or an electronic music festival, there is bound to be a multitude of black lights, neon colors, glow in the dark effects, and light shows. Many people who attend these events also have some accessories that make them stand out in the crowd. If you have some extra cash and want to look absolutely awesome, this Light Up Electro Hoodie is perfect for any dance or rave.

Price: $69.97

Buy the Light Up Hoodie here.

5. Nintendo Link Hoodie

The highly anticipated Legend of Zelda for Wii U as well as Hyrule Warriors: Legends games are coming out this year, making it perfect timing to jump on the Zelda hype train with officially licensed merchandise. This Link hoodie is very unique, especially with the stylized sleeves and color scheme. It almost looks like a costume hoodie, but still is great for casual wear or just hanging out at home. Although it is not pictured, on the back is a print of the iconic shield wielded by Link. This product is a great fit for any Nintendo or Zelda fan going into the new, highly anticipated year.

Price: $34.99+

Buy it here.

6. Attack on Titan Hoodie

cool hoodies

Back in 2013, Attack on Titan took the anime world by storm, causing an increase of interest in anime as a whole. As it premiered, the gory, action show gained thousands upon thousands of fans, generating hype for what would happen in the next episode. One of the most iconic looks from the series are the Recon Corps cloaks that complimented the military wear of that particular division. Fans craved merchandise, and this officially licensed hoodie from Ripple Junction was created for Attack on Titan lovers in the West. Sporting the logo from the Recon Corps makes this hoodie  worth buying for any new, old, or current fan of the series, especially since season two is finally supposed to premiere this year.

Price: $34.99+

Buy it here.

7. Spider Gwen Tank Top Hoodie

Gwen Stacy, a.k.a. Spider Gwen, is one of the best new superheroes in today’s comic book world, especially with the new comic releases and story arcs. What is really amazing is that We Love Fine, a maker of fandom wear and merchandise, has made a Spider Gwen clothing line, featuring hoodies and other awesome pieces representing the fairly new female superhero. This “hoodie” tank top is one of the unique items in the line, looking exactly like Gwen’s outfit, even with the web design in the hood. If fans are looking for a more winter friendly style, there are long sleeved options available on We Love Fine’s website.

Price: $39.95+

Buy it here.

8. Technomancer 2.0 Hoodie

For those looking for a more nerdy twist to light up hoodies, the Technomancer 2.0 hoodie by ThinkGeek may be a great match. This specialized hoodie allows users to “cast spells” via commands, cycling through a variety of colors and LED lights. Users can “master” the spell effects over time, using movements of their hands to become a mage. What is awesome about this product is that it can either be used as your next rave outfit, a colorful addition to a role playing campaign, or just an awesome hoodie to wear around town. It is machine washable and powered by 6 AA batteries. If you’re wondering where to buy cool hoodies, you’ll want to check out ThinkGeek.

Price: $119.99 (on sale 20% off, normally $149.99)

Buy the Technomancer hoodie here.

9. Star Trek: The Next Generation Uniform Hoodie

Trekkies were some of the very first originators of cosplay, so it is no surprise that there is a Star Trek hoodie on the market. The style is of the Next Generation, coming in three colors that represent the uniforms in the series. Although this sweatshirt initially appears to be like any normal hoodie, it has an interesting feature. When the hood is down, it appears to be like the collar of the uniform. The makers of the Star Trek hoodie also said that pips are not included only so you can customize your own rankings, making it more unique than an average sweatshirt.

Price: $35.99 (40% off, normally $59.99)

Buy it here.

10. Mega Man Hoodie

Whether you main Mega Man in Smash or still cannot stop playing the PS1 series classics, the love for the blue robot lives on in this specialized hoodie. Featuring a hood that looks like the iconic character’s helmet, dark blue sleeves, and a light blue base, this hoodie looks accurate and very comfortable. On the left sleeve is the Mega Blaster print, adding to the vivid detail and legitimacy of this officially licensed product by Capcom. Even those who have not played Mega Man may admire how awesome this hoodie looks.

Price: $39.99 (33% off, Normally $59.99)

Buy the Mega Man Hoodie here.

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