Cool StuffA Christmas Story Monopoly Game Collector's Edition

A Christmas Story Monopoly Game Collector’s Edition

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There are so many different versions of the classic Monopoly board game that we don’t know what to do with ourselves. Should we all put them in a pile, hold hands and start singing Kumbaya? Who knows, but the only version we care about right now is the A Christmas Story Monopoly Game Collector’s Edition from USAopoly.

That’s right, now you can buy, sell, and trade locations from everyone’s favorite Christmas movie. It comes with 6 collectible tokens, a Fragile Crate, Ralphie’s Bunny Suit, Leg Lamp, Bar of Soap, Broken Glasses, and the Old Man’s Car. The board contains images from the original movie, and instead of Chance and Community Chest, you’ll be choosing from Triple Dog Dares and A Major Reward.

Of course, Monopoly is one of the best board games of all time, even being as rage-inducing as it is. Whether you prefer a Star Wars Monopoly, Walking Dead Monopoly, or this Christmas Story Monopoly, there’s a version for everyone.

Price: $34.88

Buy it here.

For more cool nerdy stuff, stay tuned to Nerd Much. If you’re really feelin’ the holiday spirit, check out our compendium of the Christmas movies on TV this year.

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