Cool Stuff50 Best Bob's Burgers Gifts: The Ultimate List

50 Best Bob’s Burgers Gifts: The Ultimate List

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In the vibrant universe of Bob’s Burgers, the Belcher family’s quirky escapades have captured the hearts of fans across the globe. Whether you’re drawn to Bob’s deadpan humor, Linda’s unwavering enthusiasm, or the unique charms of Tina, Gene, and Louise, there’s no denying the show’s special place in the realm of animated comedy. Recognizing this, we’ve scoured the web to bring you an eclectic selection of Bob’s Burgers gifts that perfectly capture the spirit of the show.

From the bustling digital aisles of Amazon to the trendy shelves of Hot Topic and the collector’s paradise at Entertainment Earth, we’ve curated a collection that promises to delight fans of all ages. Whether you’re in search of a whimsical accessory to brighten your daily adventures or a one-of-a-kind collectible to showcase your fandom, our guide to the best Bob’s Burgers gifts is your gateway to finding that perfect item. Join us as we dive into a world of imaginative merchandise that celebrates the humor, heart, and undeniable charm of the Belcher family.

Funko Tina and the Unicorn

Speaking of a bad drug trip, there’s tons of great Tina merch. With the Espresso Trip Tina & Unicorn FunKo Pop, she’s tripping out on espresso again (as she was in Season 3’s “The Unnatural”). Perfect for coffee lovers and those who love Bob’s Burgers, this Funko figurine features Tina in an espresso’d out state, riding on the back of a unicorn, which is one of the many things she loves that isn’t a butt.

Find yourself reflecting on the episode where she was introduced to espresso coffee while sipping on your own cup of coffee.

Bob’s Burgers Monopoly

It seems like a normal thing for classic board games to have a version that features a movie or TV show theme. Monopoly has a ton, jumping from Rick and Morty to Disney to Fortnite. Whether you like this concept or hate it, you can’t help but feel tempted to give someone the gift or purchase yourself a Bob’s Burgers-styled Monopoly board.

Designed to look like the typical art style of Bob’s Burgers, you and your friends and family can play to dominate the entire Wharf with purchased properties. Best part about this game…you’ll be able to play with game pieces that resemble Bob, Louise, Linda, Tina, and more.

Kuchi Kopi Plush Backpack

If you ever find yourself seeing this character appear in many forms throughout your life, then might I suggest considering purchasing a Kuchi Kopi backpack. This little guy is known for his many cameos throughout the Bob’s Burger series, taking the form of many things, like a toothbrush and a nightlight. Despite Kopi’s small cameos (one of the best Bob’s Burgers episodes is when Kuchi Kopi is put in the oven), this strange, little character has garnered a lot of attention from the fans, having multiple pieces of merchandise made with his image.

With the Kuchi Kopi backpack, consider it a unique but lovable piece of merchandise that you can wear proudly, reminding others who is the #1 Bob’s Burgers fan.

Tina Bone’s Burgers T-Shirt

tina bones t-shirt

Price: $20

Buy it here

XXRay Bob Belcher Figurine

When it comes to exclusive items, there’s something special about them. Not because of how exclusive they are, but rather how unique it is and how much it makes a fan stand out. Specifically, the XXRay Bob Belcher figurine represents itself as one of those unique products. Being exclusive NYCC merchandise, this figurine is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a figure of Bob Belcher in an X-Ray form.

Created by artist Jason Freeny, this piece of art deserves to be in the hands of a fan who truly loves the show and appreciates the crafty handiwork of an artist as skilled as Freeny.

Bob’s Burgers Music Album

With a show as odd as Bob’s Burgers, who would’ve guessed that there would be musical moments on the show? Although it’s a bit strange, we can’t help but fall in love with songs like “Oil Spill” and “Parakeet in Your Hat,” just a few examples of songs that have occurred on the show. Have you ever asked yourself, “is there a way I can listen to a collection of all of my favorite Bob’s Burgers songs?” To answer that question, there most certainly is a way.

Thanks to the advanced innovation of 21st-century technology, you can now purchase the official Bob’s Burgers music album. The best part about purchasing the album, you have two options to choose from. You can either purchase it as a CD, allowing you the ability to listen to it while you’re driving or as a vinyl, giving you that nostalgic feel as you listen to it on your record player.

Bob’s Burgers Dorbz Vinyl Figures

Queue up your burger puns, because the Belchers are getting the Funko vinyl figure treatment. You’ll soon be able to show your love for the Belchers, as Funko has announced a new line of Bob’s Burgers Dorbz Vinyl Figures.

Each member of the family will get their own vinyl figure, including Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise. All of the Belchers will be wearing their signature clothing.

Bob’s wearing his apron and has his iconic mustache, Linda has her big red glasses and red shirt, Tina has her nerdy black glasses, Gene is wearing his yellow shirt and blue shorts (no keyboard, unfortunately), and Louise has her signature pink bunny ears. Each of the Dorbz will come in at 3-inches tall, and they’ll be packaged in a window display box.

The Bob’s Burgers Dorbz are available now.

Bob’s Burgers “Help” Accordion Sunshade

bob's burgers sunshade

Have you ever been in a parking lot and you happened to see a car with a Star Wars sunshade, showing Luke, Han, and the rest of the gang chilling out in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon? Well, what if I were to tell you that you could get a sunshade for your car that features the Belchers? That would be incredible news huh? Thankfully, that does exist!

Due to the universal size of the sunshade, most cars, trucks, and vans are more than capable of adorning their windshield with the Bob’s Burgers crew. So, not only will you have the chance to protect your interior from cracking and fading, you’ll also be able to get a glimpse of the wacky family inside of your car.

Louise’s Rabbit Ear Hat

louise rabbit ear hat

As a fan, I strongly believe that everyone should have some sort of wearable Bob’s Burgers merch. That way, you can wear it proudly, showing others that you’re a fan of the Belchers. Now, with that being said, I think if you really wanted to represent the fandom, you would purchase Louise’s iconic rabbit ears. Luckily, you can!

Louise’s hat is made with a soft fleece, also consisting of man-made material. Not only does it contain high-quality material, but it has one designated size. So, keep in mind, one size fits all! Regardless of what you choose to wear, we can all agree that Louise’s rabbit ears would make the perfect gift for either yourself or for a fellow Bob’s Burgers fan.

Price: $19.50

Buy it here

Wonder Wharf Enamel Pin

bob's burgers wonder wharf enamel pin

In the Belcher’s hometown, there are many iconic locations that we all remember. Whether it’s Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria or It’s Your Funeral Home & Crematorium, each location has its own charm to it. Speaking of charm, another iconic location that seems to draw the town together is the Wonder Wharf. Thanks to BoxLunch, you can now order an exclusive enamel pin that celebrates the tourist destination!

Styled after tourist postcards, this vintage-styled yet fresh enamel pin will be the talk of the party! Perfect for those who collect pins or have pins that decorate a backpack, jean vest, or any other wearable accessory.

Price: $8.90

Buy it here

WSN Enamel Pin

wsn enamel pin

Since we’re on the subject of enamel pins, allow me to introduce another BoxLunch exclusive pin. This time, the pin revolves around Wagstaff’s very own Wagstaff School News. Subtle but awesome, show off your WSN pin, showing how much you appreciate the little things that Bob’s Burgers provide.

Reflect on the moments WSN broadcasted, such as Tammy discussing Boo Boo’s departure from Boyz4Now and when Tina got her own news segment “The Tina Table.” There are so many other moments that have occurred at Wagstaff that have been equally important, but with the pin, you’ll be able to show your support for the students behind the news outlet.

Price: $8.90

Buy it here

Heat Change Mug

bob's burgers heat change mug

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can’t help but agree with that statement, although not because of the meal part. Breakfast is important because there’s a certain ritual most of us follow that gives us that boost we need for the day…having a cup of coffee. Because of this ritual, Bob’s Burgers has found its way into our lives in the form of a heat changing mug.

With this heat changing mug, you’ll be able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while getting to show off your appreciation of the show. Featuring Louise and Kuchi Kopi, it makes for an interesting design. Now, if you’re also a Studio Ghibli fan, you’ll find yourself appreciating the mug even more with its parody design of My Neighbor Totoro.

Price: $14.99 $9.99 (Sale)

Buy it here

I’m Glued, Dude Hoodie

Clothing will always be an important factor in our day-to-day lives. We use clothing to express ourselves, whether it’s to show how wealthy we are, to show our personalities, to show off our interests, or even to associate ourselves with a certain brand. Speaking of brands, you can associate yourself with Bob’s Burgers by getting this I’m Glued, Dude hoodie – based on the Glued, Where’s my Bob? episode S6E19.

Food Truck Wallet

Bob's Burgers food truck wallet

Becoming a popular thing in the past couple of years, food trucks are all the craze. What’s not to love about food trucks? They have awesome wrap designs, they travel to unique locations, they serve decent food, it’s an overall fun experience. Now, throw in a Bob’s Burgers themed food truck and we’ve got something to talk about!

If you’re in search for a wallet or you need a new wallet, I’ve got just the thing for you! The food truck wallet shows off Bob’s Burgers very own food truck but in wallet form. Most wallets are usually a square shape, but for Bob, it’s a different scenario. The greatest thing about this product is that it’s in the shape of the food truck!

Price: $24.99

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Puzzle – Wonder Wharf

bob's burgers puzzle

There are so many puzzles that exist in our world. There are puzzles that feature cute, little animals, to puzzles that show off the paintings of the late Bob Ross. Thankfully, Bob’s Burgers didn’t leave us empty-handed when it came to board games and puzzles.

You can now purchase your very own Wonder Wharf puzzle, which once it’s put together, will reveal the Belcher family about to endure the drop of Wonder Wharf’s rollercoaster Scream-i-Cane! Not only is it a fun, little product to have to highlight your love for the show, but it’s also a challenge for you.

Kidrobot Bad Tina Vinyl Figure

kidrobot bad tina

If there’s one thing some dedicated fans love to collect, it’s action figures. Whether it’s Star Wars fans, comic book fans, or even movie monster fans, you’ll at least find one action figure that they have purchased to show off and remember the character. When it came to Bob’s Burgers, it’s the same concept.

This action figure comes from the designer team Kidrobot, who have teamed up with Bob’s Burgers to create Bad Tina. Now available to purchase, you can have your own Bad Tina and remember her rebellious and bad girl moments. Best part about this product…it comes with its very own Erotic Friend Fiction composition!

Belcher Cookie Cutters

bobs burgers cookie cutters

Do you like cooking? How about making cookies? Do you find yourself wanting to spice up your standard chocolate chip cookies’ shape? Look no further! Thanks to Bob’s Burgers, you can now purchase this cookie cutter set that features each Belcher family member.

Making peanut butter cookies? Pick the Gene cookie cutter for his nutty personality! Got sugar cookies? Choose the Louise cookie cutter for her sweet…actually, I don’t know about sweet. Regardless of what type of cookies you make, this set is perfect for anyone who likes baking cookies or just baking in general!

Price: $14.90 $11.92 (On Sale)

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Comforter Set

bob's burgers bedding

Were you someone who decked out your room as a kid with decorations featuring things you loved? Were you the kid that really liked racing to the point where you had a racecar bed? Well, I can’t say that there’s any sort of racecar-styled bed that looks like Bob’s food truck, but I can inform you that there is such thing as a Bob’s Burgers-themed comforter.

If you love Bob’s Burgers and watch it religiously, then you definitely deserve to sleep in a comforter with minimalist-styled art of the Belcher family. While pillowcasess aren’t included, it’s a nice gift to get yourself or to give to someone who loves the show as much as you do!

Price: $89.90

Buy it here

Kuchi Kopi Hooded Throw

kuchi kopi hooded throw

It appears that this little, green critter keeps popping up in this article. Again, he comes in many forms! This time, he comes in the form of a hooded throw.

If you’re someone who loves being comfortable and are looking for something to have that matches your Bob’s Burgers-themed pajamas (assuming you had some), then this is perfect for you! Made with a soft, polyester material, it’s the perfect cuddling throw to have when you’re binging the show or if you find yourself watching whatever’s on Netflix. Not only is comfortable to wear, but it so happens to have a drawstring for the hood on the throw, making it feel more like an actual Kuchi Kopi hoodie.

Price: $28.90

Buy it here

Spice Rack

bob's burgers spice rack

Yes, this exists! More of a joke-like gift, bestow a friend or family member with Linda’s very own spice rack. Set up with little pouches for each spice container along with an apron-like set up (or as the show has it, a legitimate bra), this spice rack will surely give those who see it or purchase it a chuckle as they remember Linda’s creation.

If you’re feeling innovative enough or you’re wanting to “spice up” the way you approach cooking, Linda’s spice rack is definitely for you!

Price: $20.00

Buy it here

Belcher Figurine Pack

bob's burgers figure pack

Remember our little talk about how fans will go out and purchase action figures to show off their love and support for a show or movie? Well, now you can show off your support for all the Belchers with the Belcher figurine pack.

Consisting of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise, you’ll be able to have all of the members, doing whatever you want with the figurines. Want to display them out on your desk while you work? Go right ahead! Want to keep them in the box for collector’s value! Don’t let me stop you! It’s your set if you purchase it!

Price: $16.99

Buy it here

Tina Christmas Sweater

all i want for christmas is butts

While Christmas isn’t here quite yet, this specific product is something to keep in mind when the holiday season arrives. Celebrate Christmas by wearing this Bob’s Burgers-themed sweater, with the one and only Tina stitched into the fabric!

Feel jolly as you walk around, spreading love and cheer to people around you as you show off Tina’s message of “all I want for XMAS is butts.” Pretty plain and simple. The sweater comes in the colors of navy, red and white, which spices up the typical holiday colors of red and green. We definitely recommend keeping this in mind when December comes around.

Want more nerdy Christmas sweaters than you can handle? We’ve got you covered with our mega list.

Price: $44.99

Buy it here

Louise Pocket Women’s Tee

see you in hell shirt

For all of you Bob’s Burgers fans out there who are ladies, may I recommend this lovely product. Themed around the youngest sister Louise, find yourself supporting the bunny eared girl by wearing the Louise pocket women’s tee. What is it you ask? Literally what it sounds like!

Having a color similar to that of Louise’s dress, this V-neck shirt contains the Belcher youngling above the pocket of the shirt, appearing as if she were popping out to say something. In this case, she’s telling whoever sees it that she will “see them in Hell.”

Price: $28.90

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Drink Set

bob's burgers drink set

Perfect for those who drink coffee or perhaps are turning 21. I’ll let you figure out what to do with this amazing drink set! This drink set contains a 16 oz. pint glass, a mug and a coaster, which resembles Tina’s very own Erotic Friend Fiction composition.

If you find yourself coming home after a long day at work, wanting to have a beer, then the 16 oz. pint glass is the perfect choice to choose from, showing off your love for Bob’s Burgers. Having coffee and want to drink from a fun glass? No problem! That’s what the mug is for!

Price: $29.90

Buy it here

Trippy T-Shirt

bobs burgers shirt

When it comes to merchandise, I have a soft spot for merchandise that happens to have an interesting art style. For Bob’s Burgers, this is an example. If you’re looking for clothing to wear that features anything Bob’s Burgers related, then do I have the choice for you!

Featuring a very trippy art style, resembling that of a bad drug trip, witness the Belcher family in a different art style, showing off their love for burgers. Like I said, I have a soft spot for unique art and this happens to be a shirt that stands out from any other Bob’s Burgers apparel.

Price: $28.90

Buy it here

Tina’s Butt Scarf

tina scarf

While the title sounds very…gross, it’s far from the terminology used. When it comes to winter, we tend to bulk up in clothing, wanting to stay warm as we pass through the weather of winter. Thankfully, Bob’s Burgers has supplied us with a very stylish and warm scarf, centered around the character of Tina.

Back at it again with her love of butts, the scarf is stitched with the word “butts” on both sides of the scarf, which will perfectly be shown off to anyone who passes by. Represent your love for butts, Bob’s Burgers as well as Tina by getting this for winter!

Price: $34.99

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Cook Book

Bob's burgers cookbook

When it comes to people, there are many things that bring us all together. Whether it’s a concert where everyone is united as they sing songs or dance to the rhythmic sounds of music, or if there’s a noble cause and someone needs help. Another thing that unites people together is food. Speaking of uniting people together and food, you might want to invest in purchasing a Bob’s Burgers cookbook.

Containing recipes from Bob’s very own restaurant, you can now cook up a delicious burger that Bob himself would’ve prepared for you. So, if your dream is to taste a real-life version of the Bruschetta-Bout-It Burger, then make your dreams come true by purchasing this cookbook today!

Price: $13.56

Buy it here

Beefsquatch Figure by Kidrobot


If you’re still craving for more collectible Bob’s Burgers merchandise, then may I suggest looking into Gene’s very own Beefsquatch figure. This iconic concept from the show would make the perfect action figure to place next to your Bad Tina figure (if you already have it).

Standing in at 7-inches tall, this furry and weird character perfectly captures the vibe of Gene. With the ability to remove the mask and megaphone, it makes for a nice little gift for yourself or for that special Bob’s Burgers fan.

Price: $45.33

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Throw Blanket

bobs burgers blanket

While this product can be universally purchased by anyone with a love for burgers, this Bob’s Burgers-themed product most certainly captures the theme and essence of the show.

As a comfortable throw blanket, you’ll be able to keep yourself warm while watching episodes from the show. The blanket itself has a burger design that resembles the art style of Bob’s Burgers, which is perfect for any fan of Bob’s restaurant. If you’re needing something soft in your life or you’re wanting to spice up your living room décor, I recommend checking this out. It’s high quality merchandise!

Price: $36.99

Buy it here

Burger Full/Queen Comforter

bobs burgers comforter

Another bedroom piece for any hardcore Bob’s Burgers fan, this comforter is styled after what Bob’s specialty is…burgers. Having a very colorful look to it, this comforter contains imagery of the many ingredients that go into a burger as well as a burger being put together. Honestly, sounds like a little slice of heaven to me!

Unfortunately, this merchandise is limited to those who have a full or queen size bed. Sorry to all those twin sized bed owners out there. Regardless of its limitations, it’s an overall delicious looking product that deserves to be on your bed at home.

Price: $49.99

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Sticker Book

bobs burgers sticker book

I’m someone who has an appreciation for sticker art, especially when it comes to unique styles. For us fans, Bob’s Burgers didn’t leave us sticker-less! You can now purchase the official Bob’s Burgers sticker book.

Containing 66 pages of stickers that feature different characters and elements from the show, you can now show off your love and admiration for the show by taking these stickers and placing them on everything you love. From your computer to your notebook, to your phone case, and to your dog. Well, maybe not your dog, but you are capable of placing Bob’s Burgers-themed stickers anywhere you wish thanks to this book!

Price: $10.37

Buy it here

Collector’s LookSee Box

bob's burgers merch

Having a similar setup to Lootcrate, this collector’s LookSee box gives fans the chance to gain unique and somewhat randomized collector’s items for them to keep. Best part about this product, it’s a bundle of items. You’ll get the Bob’s Burgers figurine set, and a Kuchi Kopi mug, along with some other things.

Standing out as a very different product compared to the rest on the list, you’ll be able to send someone the gift of numerous items. Think of it as a sort of gift basket but Bob’s Burgers-themed. What could go wrong with that?

Price: $49.99

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Pullover Hoodie

bob's burgers hoodie

Another addition to the apparel categories of merchandise, this pullover hoodie serves as a general reminder to anyone that you’re a Bob’s Burgers fan. Simple yet effective, this pullover hoodie features illustrations of burgers along the sleeves of the hoodie and the iconic Bob’s Burgers logo on the chest.

While it’s not super unique compared to the stencil outlined hoodie, it definitely has value behind it. It shows off your love for the Belcher family and that you support the show as well. Plus, it makes for a nice, warm hoodie for any kind of cold weather, so that’s a bonus for fans.

Price: $29.99

Buy it here

Louise Wallet

louise wallet

Not going to lie, but this is a pretty cool product! For any ladies out there that are looking to show off a tough, rebellious look while maintaining a love for the show, this is absolutely perfect for you.

This pink, fuzzy wallet is styled after the character Louise. In what way you ask? Well, the symbol that is embedded into the wallet contains a rather tough, scary looking silhouette of Louise’s skull (which has bunny ears of course), along with crossbones. Definitely a nice twist on the skull and crossbones look. So, if you’re looking for something that’s tough looking, I recommend this!

Price: $29.99

Buy it here

Belcher Biker Gang Ladies T-Shirt

bob's burgers belcher biker gang

Speaking of tough girls, how do you feel about wearing a shirt that associates with a gang? Now, I know you’re a bit cautious, considering I asked you if you wanted to technically associate with a gang, but what if I were to tell you that it’s the Belcher Gang? Hopefully, I’ve changed your mind.

This ladies’ t-shirt contains the three Belcher kids, Louise, Tina, and Gene, riding their bikes down the streets of their hometown. If you find yourself wearing this shirt, you’ll definitely scare individuals with the rebellious vibe it contains. Talk about intimidating!

Price: $15.97

Buy it here

Tina Belcher Unicorn Backpack

boys butts and unicorns

Tina’s back for more fandom attention, only this time, she’s offering up her backpack! While it’s not her usual purple backpack, it’s definitely the vibe and soul of the awkward teenager.

This backpack contains a very colorful design, having unicorn patterns that wrap around the entire backpack. Not only that but on the pouch of the bag, you find a little message than Tina herself thought up, stating the three things she loves in life…boys, butts, and unicorns. It’s an overall high-quality product with a unique spin on typical backpacks that exist throughout the world. Thanks to Bob’s Burgers, you can purchase it today!

Price: $41.49

Buy it here

Mr. Goiter Chew Toy

mr goiter

As fans of Bob’s Burgers, our goal is to try and get as many people to support the lovable Belcher family…not really though. We just want to enjoy the show and have a good laugh from the jokes on Bob’s Burgers. Although, if that is your goal to convert others to become a Bob’s Burgers fan, then may I suggest possibly starting out small?

If you have a dog that you love more than anything in the world and you’re a die-hard Bob’s Burgers fan, then let me introduce you to the Mr. Goiter chew toy! This chew toy is shaped after Wonder Wharf’s very own carousel horse Mr. Goiter. Again, we have to appreciate the subtle things Bob’s Burgers creates as merchandise. Gift your pet with a Mr. Goiter and watch your furry pup play with official merchandise.

Price: $14.90

Buy it here

Stained-Glass Shirt

bobs burgers stained glass

Whether you’re religious or not, you have to admire the craftsmanship of a stained-glass window. From the intricate colors that shine from the sun glare to the many pieces that form the beautiful imagery. It’s an overall beautiful man-made product. Now, what if I were to tell you that there’s such thing as Bob’s Burgers-themed stained-glass? Well, not really glass, although that would be pretty cool, but stained-glass in shirt form.

The Bob’s Burgers stained-glass t-shirt shows off the Belcher family as if they were a part of the glass imagery. Not only that, but the main glass window features the very thing that the family specializes in…burgers!

Price: $19.88

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Tiki T-Shirt

bobs burgers hawaiin shirt

Interestingly enough, this shirt doesn’t really focus on the Belcher family, rather than a friend of Bob’s named Warren. If you aren’t familiar with Warren, he was the one that wanted Bob to convert his restaurant into a tiki-themed restaurant (think of the restaurant Islands). While he made a very short appearance, he did have a lasting impression on the fandom, having almost changed the course of Bob’s Burgers.

With that being said, you can now purchase this Bob’s Burgers island themed shirt that perfectly captures Warren’s idea. Featuring tikis and pineapples with sunglasses, it’s a shirt worth wearing during the summer season.

Price: $29.99

Buy it here

Kuchi Kopi Slipper Socks

kuchi kopi slippers

Perfect for lounging around your house or a friend’s, these Kuchi Kopi slipper socks make the perfect gift for either you or a friend. Featuring the little, green critter and his vacant expression, these pair of slippers are comfortable, soft, and contain a non-skid material on the bottom of the slippers.

With these slippers, the size of them is basically one size fits all. So, hopefully, you don’t have huge feet. Despite this limitation, it’s an overall fantastic product that I recommend purchasing. Heck, buy it for your mother or grandmother, she would probably love that!

Price: $24.99

Buy it here

Beefsquatch Boxer Briefs

beefsquatch boxers

Beefsquatch has been spotted yet again! This time, he’s a pair of boxer briefs! You heard that correctly, Beefsquatch is a pair of boxer briefs. This comfortable underwear contains the legendary Beefsquatch on the front of the briefs, along with text that contains his name. Along the waist of briefs, you’ll be able to identify the logo of the show Bob’s Burgers, which perfectly explains the theme of the undergarment.

For a product such as this, I think it’s the perfect product that Gene himself would appreciate.

Price: $14.99

Buy it here

Tina Heart Water Bottle

tina heart water bottle

For anyone who is athletic or constantly on the go, the Tina heart water bottle is perfect for you! With this bottle, you’ll be able to take it to your local gym to show it off to the other gym patrons, informing them about how you’re a Bob’s Burgers fan.

This bottle contains the illustration of Tina surrounded by all the things she likes. From unicorns to Jimmy Pesto, Jr., it’s all there. Best part about the bottle, it contains a quote from the awkward teen, stating that “My Heart Just Pooped Its Pants.” In other words, it’s practically perfect for any fan.

Price: $12.90

Buy it here

Bob’s Burgers Guided Journal

bobs burgers guided journal

If you are looking for a gift to give to one of your artistic friends, I recommend getting the officially licensed Bob’s Burgers guided journal. With this journal, you’ll be able to respond to life’s most important philosophical scenarios, such as “when babysitting a possessed, crotch-kicking child, one must…”

Think of this guided journal as having a similar concept to that of Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. The whole point of the book is to have fun and to question your moral sanity. Well, maybe not sanity, but this book will definitely test your creativity. Like I said, this book is something to purchase for an artistic person.

Price: $17.95

Buy it here

Linda Belcher Women’s T-Shirt

poor dumb thing shirt

Speaking of philosophy, Linda Belcher is one who has an interesting take on life. Regarding Tina being bullied, she quotes “Tammy can go sit in syrup. Let the bees get her.” When it came to mother’s intuition, she has quote “Nonsense or mom-sense?” Like I said, interesting take on life.

Now you can get the eccentric mom’s philosophy as a t-shirt, only this time, it’s more direct. The Poor Dumb Thing shirt contains Linda Belcher’s very own quote, as well as herself. It’s a nice little shirt to own and for the most part, it’s quite stylish for Bob’s Burgers merchandise!

Price: $22.90

Buy it here

Wonder Wharf Keychain

wonder wharf keychain

Another piece of merchandise that appears to have a more touristy feel, you can now purchase the Wonder Wharf keychain. As implied, the keychain features the iconic tourist destination, showing off the boardwalk as well as the Ferris wheel.

As simple as it looks, it does have a lot of value behind it, causing us to feel nostalgic for the wharf as if it were an actual vacation destination. If you’re someone who loves Bob’s Burgers, you should have this with a pair of keys. Especially if you have a car that you drive, that’ll compliment your everyday driving experience!

Price: $8.95

Buy it here

Food Truck T-Shirt

la la pa foods a shirt

I’m considering purchasing this fine piece of merchandise. The food truck t-shirt contains Bob’s very own food truck, with the title “Lala-pa-foods-a.” For the shirt, it has a very festival like feel to it, as if you went to the actual event and purchased the shirt.

Not only will you show support for Bob’s food truck, you’ll show your support for the festival overall. We can’t help but enjoy the festival’s food and musical act by the one and only Tabitha Johansson, with her beautifully sung single “Oil Spill.”

Definitely check this shirt out, and if you support Bob and the festival, I encourage you to get this for a friend or for yourself.

Price: $28.90

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Louise Socks

louise socks

Over the years, it appears the manufacturers behind many sock brands have decided to go down the route of creating fun and cool little designs. It gives people the chance to once again express their personality as well as their interests. Since many sock manufacturers have created socks that feature Star Wars, Marvel and Disney characters, it’s safe to say that Bob’s Burgers should rightfully have a pair of socks…which they do!

These Louise socks are the perfect socks to keep your feet warm during the winter as well as on your day-to-day travels. Featuring the character Louise, the socks appear as a bright green color, like that of the dress. Best part is, they come with bunny ears on the sock!

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Bob’s Burgers Character T-Shirt

bobs burgers character t shirt

Another creative design from the Bob’s Burgers crew. Featuring many characters from the popular TV show, this shirt is perfect for those who appreciate not only the Belchers, but the other humorous and crazy characters that exist in the world of Bob’s Burgers.

Spot lovable characters like Teddy, Mr. Fischoeder, Andy and Ollie, Jimmy Pesto, Jr., and plenty more. If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers as well as Where’s Waldo, then you’ll definitely appreciate this shirt!

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Wonder Wharf Mug

wonder wharf mug

Another addition for those who are coffee lovers or your average coffee mug collector. This mug contains the following: Wonder Wharf, the Belchers, and regular Bob’s Burgers customer Teddy.

Set up to look like a carnival cutout, enjoy your nice cup of coffee as you view the whacky family doing family-like things. Trust me, with what’s featured on the mug, it’s as weird as it sounds. Regardless, you should embarrass the weirdness and gift yourself or someone else with this awesome mug! Why wouldn’t you? You’re already a dedicated Bob’s Burgers fan with a drive to purchase anything related to the show!

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Kuchi Kopi Glow in the Dark Water Bottle

kuchi kopi water bottle

You thought you were done seeing Kuchi Kopi huh? Absolutely not! How could you even think that? He’s back again for one last round up, except this time, he’s in the form of a water bottle.

While that may not sound as exciting as you hope for, allow me to edit my statement. Kuchi Kopi is now in the form of a water bottle…that glows in the dark! Yes, you heard correctly! The little, green critter is featured on a high-quality water bottle, perfect for traveling and working out. With the extra feature of glowing in the dark, you’ll be able to recreate Bob’s entrapment inside of his house’s walls.

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Burgers Flat Brim Hat

bobs burgers hat

Burgers, burgers, and more burgers. What more could one ask for? Especially if they are a die-hard Bob’s Burgers fan. Thanks to the show, you are now more than capable of obtaining your very own flat brim hat.

Now you’re probably wondering, why should I care about this hat? Well, just look at it! The hat is decked out in several designs featuring burgers. Sorry, cheeseburgers. The hat itself is made with high-quality materials and has a light blue color to it. While some other hats capture the style of sports, California, and other topics, this hat perfectly captures the feel and vibe of the TV show Bob’s Burgers!

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