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Fortnite Monopoly Brings Battle Royale to the Board

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Epic Games (somehow) has managed to find a new platform to Fortnite on. Though it’s not likely one you’d expect. Fortnite Monopoly is on the way.

Many licensed based Monopoly board are simply reskins, but it sounds as though the base game will be radically changing to introduce as many of the battle royale’s mechanics as it can. The storm is a key component of Fortnite Monopoly. And while collecting property will still be a key component here, a new lives based mechanic will mix in the Fortnite flavor.

During gameplay, players will have the option to roll dice as they would typically and move across the board. But they’ll also have the option to apply bandages for healing or to even attack other players that are in their line of sight. The retailer Zavvi was the first to release the details on Fortnite Monopoly, but it appears as though that may have been earlier than intended. The listing is no longer available. But the game was priced at $34.99 and included the following details:

  • Objective of the game: Be the last player standing.
  • Properties are locations on the Fortnite Island. First come, First served! Take the property card for yourself.
  • Money is Health Points. If you run out of life points at any time you lose the game
  • Dice: On your turn roll both dice (movement and action) then decide which to resolve first.
    •  Action die will give you:
    • Bandages (health points)
    • Cross Hairs (shoot a player that is in line of sight and deal 1 damage. Line of sight is anybody on the same side of the board as you)
    • Wall (Place a wall on your space. Wall’s protect you from shots)
    • Boogie Bomb (all players lose a life)
  • The Storm: Spaces taken by the storm can still be landed on but they come at a terrible price. When you land on a property that has been taken by the storm you lose 2 life. The previous effects of that space are also ignored.

Expect Fortnite Monopoly to be officially announced sometime in the near future. And then expect it to be one of the hot holiday items of 2018.

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