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33 Best Harry Potter Backpacks

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Pack your Harry Potter backpack and board the Hogwarts Express. If you’re itching to get back to Hogwarts, or your muggle school, and want to display your wizarding world pride, odds are a Harry Potter backpack is at the top of your shopping list.

When shopping for Harry Potter gear, you have the basics like the Hogwarts crest or your house crest, but there are also plenty of artistic collaborations that can up your Potterhead game.

Whether you’re looking for a miniature size for hanging out with friends to something ideal for a laptop or travel there is a Harry Potter backpack on the market for you. They have everything from whimsical patterns perfect for sending a new generation of Potterheads off to school to being an adult and wanting to keep your love for the series alive.

Discover our favorite Harry Potter backpacks below with our list of the 33 best:

Hogwarts Essentials Backpack

Be prepared with the Hogwarts Essentials Backpack. Designed in traditional Gryffindor colors, this backpack will have passersby thinking you cast an undetectable extension charm. The bag’s design includes a mesh pocket and zippered pocket in the main compartment, two insulated water bottle pockets, a quick-access top storage pocket, and a cell phone pocket for preparedness that Hermione Granger would be proud of.

Plus,  a silver-ion treated interior means that not only will this bag show off your Harry Potter spirit, but it will also resist mold, bacteria, and mildew.

Floral Creatures Backpack

It’s not all about Harry, Hermione, and Ron. This mini backpack features printed details of some of the Potterverse’s magical creatures. Whether you prefer thestrals, hippogriffs, or snowy owls, they’re represented on the white background of this classy backpack. Constructed of faux leather this backpack has a large zippered compartment and front pocket ensuring that witch, wizard, or muggle can carry all their daily essentials. Plus, you can be sure to stay hydrated with two exterior water bottle pockets.

House Backpack with Removable Fanny Pack

For those Potterheads who want to get a genuine Hogwarts feel, this backpack and fanny pack combo is perfect. The mix of materials gives this bag an old-school vibe that feels reminiscent of the trunk Harry packed up each year to leave the Dursleys. While the bag might feel older, it still has plenty of modern functionality for all the gear that muggle students (or adults) need to carry throughout their day including an interior tech pocket that can hold up to a 15″ laptop.

Hedwig Laptop Backpack

For those of us who are still broken up at the fate of Harry Potter’s faithful sidekick, the Hedwig Laptop Backpack is a perfect option. Measuring in at 17 x 9.5 x 4 inches this backpack gives you plenty of space for daily essentials, including a padded laptop sleeve.

Not only does this Harry Potter backpack not only looks like the eponymous character’s snowy owl, but it’s also carrying a Hogwarts letter. Who’s to say you weren’t accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?

Hogwarts Express Backpack

The Hogwarts Express will board you with this backpack. This one is designed to look like the iconic train that the Hogwarts students board each year to take them back to school. It is constructed of nylon with faux leather applique details and features the unique added detail of a ticket zipper pull.

Yet, the inventive design doesn’t lose function. This bag features a handy front zippered pocket for easy access and a couple of interior pockets for more organization. Coming in at 12.5 x 5 x 15.5 inches this bag is more suitable as a purse than something for travel.

Harry Potter Tattoo Mini Backpack

Tattoos can be pretty, but sometimes you don’t want them on your body. This Harry Potter backpack gives you the best of both worlds with a dynamic graphic design featuring some of the series most iconic objects.

Constructed of faux leather, this bag is definitely a level up from some of the novelty bags on the market. Of course, this stylish bag wouldn’t be complete without a golden snitch charm on the front pocket.

Spells Backpack

When you’re in the heat of a battle it can be dangerous to forget a spell, fortunately, this backpack has them at the ready. This Harry Potter backpack is ideal for day-tripping measuring 15 x 3 x 11 inches. It features several of the runs and spell configurations the characters needed to know throughout their time at Hogwarts. It is constructed from canvas with leather trim and has a large zipper to access the main compartment.

Hogwarts Houses Backpack

Isn’t it about time all the houses just got along? For the lifelong Harry Potter fan, this subtle and fashionable Hogwarts Houses Backpack is just the ticket. Displaying small symbols of each of the house’s mascot this backpack assures that all houses are represented in style.

Inside, the backpack is designed for organization with a padded laptop sleeve, making sure muggle computing devices are safe and sound. Plus, you won’t have to worry about any long journeys, two exterior water bottle pockets are ready to ensure you keep hydrated.

Dobby is a Free Elf Backpack

Who doesn’t want a sidekick as loyal as Dobby? This Dobby is Free backpack has an adorable illustration of the free elf complete with Harry’s socks and the proclamation. Dobby is also able to hold all of your study materials together since this backpack is specifically designed to hold your laptop.

Ravenclaw House Backpack

If you’re a Ravenclaw and you’re headed to the library, then you need a backpack that is functional and stylish all at the same time. The Ravenclaw House Backpack is the perfect way to display your house pride. The varsity-themed design displays all the Ravenclaw symbols and it’s still big enough to hold a laptop.

Flying Keys Backpack

You’ll be prepared for anything that Hogwarts throws at you with this Flying Keys Backpack. This Harry Potter backpack has multiple pockets that make it easy to store, electronics, makeup, clothing, or anything that you may need to get through your day. The removable and adjustable straps mean you can carry this bag as both a shoulder bag or a traditional backpack.

Of course, while it’s important and adventurous Hogwarts student is prepared, this bag wouldn’t be complete with the many fashionable tags displaying the fandom name.

House Crest Quilted Mini Backpack

Sometimes you need to go classic. To elegantly display your house colors, try the House Crest Official Quilted Mini Backpack. This elegantly designed backpack has a simple design that packs a lot of punch with its eye-catching quilted detail. Add in the metal house crest charm and you have a grown-up look for a Potterhead who loves the series.

Harry Potter Chibi Pattern Backpack

The Wizarding World gets more whimsical with the Harry Potter Chibi backpack. This all-over illustrated print features The Golden Trio, Professors Dumbledore and McGonnegal and more. Designed and structured for the muggle world it has a fully-lined interior and exterior pocket so that all your muggle devices can be stored in an easy place.

Dobby the Free Elf Backpack

dobby backpack

Price: $69.99

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Who doesn’t love Dobby? Wear a memorial to this free elf and loyal friend to Harry Potter with this durable Harry Potter backpack bearing a drawing of the infamous elf. Whether you’re going to the library or the mall Dobby is sure to be a loyal companion who will save you in a pinch by keeping all your materials organized.

School of Magic Backpack

school of magic backpack

Price: $69.99

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Think about the Hogwarts houses and their relationship to one another, because that’s what this beautifully illustrated backpack is all about. Displaying artwork that perfectly encapsulates the relationship between Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, the School of Magic backpack a great choice for anyone who wants to wear their Harry Potter pride in a less obvious way. Durable and heavy-duty construction means this bag will stand up to anything Hogwarts classes throw at it.

Potterverse Chevrons

potterverse chevrons

Price: $69.99

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House scarves are an iconic part of the series, but the classic stripes are often overplayed. If you want to up your house scarf homage to the next level, try a Potterverse Chevron Backpack featuring the classic house colors you love, but with a stylish twist.

Lightning Bolt Backpack

danielle nicole harry potter

Price: $89.90

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The Boy Who Lived wouldn’t have been nearly as recognizable without his lightning scar. The Danielle Nicole Harry Potter Bolt backpack is built around that symbol and Harry’s signature round glasses. Created with a gold accent this backpack is ideal for spending a fun-filled day at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or even your favorite movie theatre.

Harry Potter Pattern Backpack

harry potter pattern backpacks

Price: $69.99

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Seven years at Hogwarts means a lot of memories. This Harry Potter Pattern Backpack captures them all with a touch of graphic whimsy. Sized to fit a 15″ laptop, this backpack is made of heavy-duty polyester and padded on the back and bottom for comfort. A front pocket means that any witch or wizard can have everything they need within arms reach at a moment’s notice.

The Gryffindor Pattern Backpack

gryffindor pattern backpack

Price: $69.99

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For the Gryffindor student who wants to level up their fashion game and still show their house pride, this Gryffindor pattern backpack is the perfect option for a proud Gryffindor to wear all year. Symbols of some of the show’s most iconic items adorn this burgundy and gold bag making it the ideal solution to show your house pride. This bag is large enough for a 15″ laptop, or some “light” reading from the Hogwarts library.

Hogwarts Letter Backpack

Uncle Vernon can’t get mad at these letters. This printed laptop backpack depicts the Hogwarts acceptance letters that once flooded Privet Drive and drove the Dursleys out of their home. The pattern includes multiple depictions of both the front of Harry’s letter and the Hogwarts crest. This Harry Potter backpack features one large zippered compartment and a smaller front compartment for easy storage of daily wizard essentials.

Quidditch Backpack

quidditch backpacks

Price: $69.99

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It isn’t a year at Hogwarts without a game of Quidditch. Be prepared to take all your gear to the Quidditch pitch with this artfully designed backpack featuring a broomstick and the snitch. After all, they are the most important part of the game.

Ravenclaw Plaid Mini Backpack

harry potter backpack

Price: $49.90

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There’s no need for a big Harry Potter backpack when you’re a wizard. Mini backpacks can serve just as well when enchanted with an undetectable extension charm. This studious-looking Loungefly Ravenclaw Plaid Mini Backpack is the perfect accessory for any fashionable Ravenclaw looking to study or have a little fun afterward.

Luna Lovegood Mini Backpack

luna lovegood backpack

Price: $49.99

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Who doesn’t love Luna Lovegood with her spectre specs and airy carefree nature? This Harry Potter backpack honors the Ravenclaw student who was unapologetically herself. Honestly, we definitely think that Luna Lovegood would have chosen this backpack for herself.

Hufflepuff Motto Backpack

Having your house motto close at hand is always a good idea. This Hufflepuff Moto backpack is the perfect solution to carry all of your materials to your classes. If you have to travel or wander around the countryside for a few months, this bag is perfect with a padded laptop sleeve and a zippered external pocket.

Where The Hell is Platform 9 3/4? Backpack

You have to wonder if wizards got some delight watching confused muggle-borns rush at the wall between platforms 9 and 10 at King’s Cross. This backpack displays the question that must have been on every new student’s mind as they walked onto the platform.

This snarky backpack features a padded inner laptop sleeve and a large front zipper pocket for holding magazines and folders. A side mesh pocket is also perfect for staying hydrated and a side velcro pocket can hold your phone and other accessories.  It also features an interchangeable face panel so you can swap it out whenever you’re ready for a change.

The Patronus Backpack

patronus pattern

Price: $69.99

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Every wizard needs something to protect them. While the Patronus Pattern Backpack may not be a huge help in sending out messages when you’re in peril, it does provide a convenient place to hold all of your wizarding supplies. The heavy-duty construction means that this Harry Potter backpack is ready to travel with you and the front pocket for accessories means you’ll always have access to the supplies you need to have at the ready.

The Accio Coffee Backpack

accio coffee backpack

Price: $69.99

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Want to keep your love of Harry Potter close at hand without an obvious motif or crest? Want to display your desperate need to mainline caffeine? Then you may like the Accio Coffee backpack. This simple design uses a spell from the book in a gorgeous golden color.

Dark Mark Pattern Backpack

dark mark backpack

Price: $69.99

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Of course, a Harry Potter backpacks list wouldn’t be complete with the Dark Mark. This symbol of The Dark Lord’s followers is an iconic part of the series, and this backpack puts the graphic symbol against a Slytherin green background.

The Accio Items Backpack

accio items backpack

Price: $69.99

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Horcruxes, brooms, and wands, oh my! This Harry Potter backpack is subtle but packs a huge punch. The beautifully illustrated mosaic of horcruxes and other iconic items against a monochromatic orange background is a striking new take on the Harry Potter aesthetic. This backpack also features a laptop sleeve and a front pocket to keep all the items you need close at hand.

Wizarding Pattern Backpack

wizarding pattern backpack

Price: $69.99

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You might remember opening your first Harry Potter book and being drawn to the gorgeous illustrations that accompany each chapter. This Wizarding Pattern backpack evokes a similar feel with gorgeous illustrated representations of some of the items our favorite witches and wizards used throughout their years at Hogwarts. This simple and yet wonderfully animated pattern brings a touch of childlike-whimsy for back to school, even if you’re an adult.

The Marauders Map Backpack

This backpack will make you solemnly swear that you are up to no good. This Marauders Map backpack is the perfect gear to use if you’re a student or an adult adventuring out on a hike.

Designed to be utilitarian, this ergonomic Harry Potter backpack is designed with plenty of ample storage. It includes a main pocket, zip pocket, cell phone pocket, and wallet pocket in addition to two side pockets and a front zip pocket for easy access. With organization like this, you’ll really be able to manage some mischief.

The Always Harry Potter Backpack

always backpack

Price: $69.99

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You know what “Always” means in the context of Harry Potter, but wouldn’t it be great to show your eternal love for the series with the help of a backpack that not only has the Gryffindor colors, but also several of the most iconic parts of the series. With elegant line drawings of the snitch, elder wand, Harry’s lightning bolt scar, and script that reads “always” this Harry Potter backpack is ideal to keep your favorite series close to your heart.

The Yellow Hallows Backpack

yellow hallows backpack

Price: $69.99

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Who can forget the deadly hallows? This symbol of three objects that when combined make a master of death is quintessential for a Harry Potter fan, and when arranged in a sequence on a backpack, make for the perfect fashion statement.

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