Cool StuffIT Monopoly - Available Now!

IT Monopoly – Available Now!

How can IT can get any scarier? How do you top a Lovecraftian entity that embodies itself as a clown in order to lure in victims? Well, Hasbro has an idea: pair Pennywise with the Monopoly man!

With the IT Monopoly game set, you will float, too, as you buy, sell, and trade many of the iconic locations from Derry, Maine. If you thought watching or reading Stephen King’s classic horror tale was scary, just wait until you are trapped with your loved ones for hours on end as you barter and beg each other for more property.

Have you ever bought a certain location in agreement with your father that you will sell it to him later in exchange for one that you own, only for him to go back on the deal at the last second thus sending you into a broken state of despair? Well, I have and let me tell you, I wish I had been consumed by Pennywise instead.

One of the most beautiful aspects of this game board is the collectible, metal tokens that serve as the player pieces. Modeled after key items from the story, these pieces are worth the price of the game on their own. You have Georgie’s boat, Bev’s cast, a bicycle, Richie’s glasses, Eddie’s inhaler, and Pennywise the Clown’s iconic balloon all perfectly recreated in miniature scale.

The IT Monopoly board features a beautifully rendered image of Pennywise handing Georgie a red balloon, and each purchasable location displays a still from the hit 2017 film. Rather than the normal “chance” deck in the original game, this version features special card decks marked as “Encounters” and “Phenomena.” What exactly do these cards do? Well, you will have to play the game and find out how this already twisted game has gotten even more demented.

The IT Monopoly game is currently available on Amazon and other retailers. If a clown in a gutter tries to offer you this game for free… RUN!

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