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Legend of Zelda Looksee Box

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this. And that. And maybe one of these things. In fact, just take everything contained within this decorative Looksee Collector’s Box.

Stocked with legendary items that only a true hero of Hyrule could yield, the box is the perfect gift box for and The Legend of Zelda fan. Or, if you’re feeling really generous, yourself. “What’s contained inside?” the exterior pixelated question marks beg to ask. Only the bravest of warriors – wearing the most stylish of tunics – can ever find out.

The Legend of Zelda is represented by 9 individual and unique items, all relative to Nintendo’s classic video game. It gets cold in Hyrule at night, so snuggle up with the included Legend of Zelda Gold NES Cartridge Fleece Blanket, a throwback to the original design of the actual NES cartridge. If that’s not enough to warm you, light a candle in the glass holder, fashioned with a stained-glass depiction of Toon Link.

Additional and useful items include an 8-Bit Heart Paperweight, for when you need a boost from your workday, a Hyrule Emblem Pint Glass, a Steel Water Bottle, NES Cartridge Air Freshener, a Map of Hyrule Tea Towel Set, Master Sword Rubber Cork Stopper, and a Keychain Multi-Tool designed after the Hyrule Crest.

You may not have room for your bow or bombs, but who needs those when you have this haul of cool The Legend of Zelda merchandise. Maybe instead of fighting, Link and Ganon can admire the contents of the Looksee Collectible Box together.

When you’re stuck looking for the perfect gift for the Zelda fan in your life, stop struggling. Turn to the Looksee box and let its marvelous contents provide them with a heroic collection of branded merch that would make Princess Zelda proud.

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