Zelda Merchandise: Breath of the Wild Toys, T-Shirts, & More

breath of the wild merchandiseThe one game that has been talked about the most since E3 2016 is, not surprisingly, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which took the gaming community by storm. Prior to E3, we were all scoffing at Nintendo for only bringing one playable game to the biggest show of the year, but following this year’s event, our scoffing turned to applause. Now, we can’t wait to get our hands on Breath of the Wild.

Unfortunately, the Breath of the Wild release date window has been set for March 2017, so, we have a long wait. Still, it’s one of our most anticipated upcoming games of 2017. For now, there has already been some great Zelda merchandise and Breath of the Wild specific merch surfacing on a few sites around the web. Here’s everything that’s available right now, and we’ll add more cool Legend of Zelda merchandise as it blips on our radar.

1. Zelda Cosplay Knitted Scarf

zelda scarf

There’s probably not a type of clothing item that doesn’t have it’s Zelda version available somewhere. We’re going to show you numerous bits of clothing in this guide, but let’s start with a nice knitted scarf. As you would expect, the main color of choice is green while the text is sharp yellow. The quality of this scarf is pretty sweet considering it was originally designed as a cosplay piece.

In reality, this is the type of scarf you can wear during the winter time, and it will keep you warm. Since its some 84 inches long, there isn’t a knot you won’t be able to tie with on this thing. The level of detail is quite impressive, and stitching is durable enough to prevent any threads from getting away on you. Overall, this is one of the more practical Zelda themed clothing articles out there. At this price, it’s a steal.

Price: $27.99

Buy the Zelda Knitted Scarf here.

2. Zelda: Green Beanie with Hylian Crest

hyrule beanie

Winter time is slowly fading away, but many people will be tricked by few warm days. It’s still not safe to go outside without proper clothing, and a beanie is a perfect way to keep your head warm when the gust of cold wind strikes. This one comes in Zelda green and features a small Hylian crest on the front. The quality is just impressive. Instead of printing the crest they have decided to embroider the thing onto the beanie.

This gives it a far more authentic look and really makes it stand out from the countless Zelda beanies on the market. On top of that, this is an originally licensed item. It is pretty much a one size fits all type of deal, so you don’t have to worry about sizing all too much. Whether you need a beanie, or one of your friends needs one, this is a cool gift for any Legend of Zelda fan out there.

Price: $23.99

Buy the Zelda Green Beanie here.

3. Zelda: Breath of the Wild ‘Golden Gauntlets’ Hoodie

breath of the wild hoodie

Zelda themed hoodies are dime a dozen pretty much. You know the ones I’m talking about. There’s nothing worse than getting a hoodie, only to open the box and find the cheapest stuff with the cheapest possible logo printed on the back. That’s not the case with this one! Zelda: Breath of the Wild ‘Golden Gauntlets’ Hoodie features one of the most elaborate designs out there, with a large screen printed Zelda logo on the back and front.

Sure, it’s a print but the quality is pretty good. This hoodie comes in blue and features sweet looking details on the sleeves as well. The fabric is smooth and soft. It’s one of those that you feel cozy as soon as you put them on, like a big fuzzy bear just gave you a hug. Best of all, this is an actual licensed hoodie, so you know you’re getting the real thing.

Price: $59.99

Buy the Zelda Breath of the Wild Golden Gauntlets Hoodie here.

4. Zelda: Hylian Crest Off Shoulder Ladies T-shirt

zelda off shoulder shirt

Ladies fashion is one area where you can find a whole lot of interesting Zelda themed designs. This off shoulder t-shirt for ladies is both unique and comfortable at the same time. The t-shirt itself is white with stencil type Zelda logo on the front. They’ve added some artificial wear to give the t-shirt a more rugged look, which fits it pretty well. When we say comfy, we didn’t only mean the design of the t-shirt, but also the fabric.

It’s a cotton shirt, but the type of cotton that isn’t rough. This is a perfect t-shirt to hang out during hot summer days, or just lounge at home while playing your favorite Legend of Zelda game. If you have a lady in your life who is a fan of the series, this might be just the type of gift she would enjoy. Unlike many off-brand t-shirts, this one is fully licensed legit merch.

Price: $27.99

Buy the Zelda Hylian Crest Off Shoulder T-Shirt here.

5. Zelda: Breath of the Wild 25cm Link Statue

zelda breath of the wild statue

Here’s a real collector’s piece that is coming fresh of the racks. This 25cm tall figurine of Link is a part of the series which is being released along with the latest installment in the Legend of Zelda series. You are looking at the premium quality, licensed figurine which features an impressive level of detail. This one is made out of high-grade PVC, and is a must-have piece in any fan’s collection.

There is no assembly required as this little statue comes already planted on a solid base. It’s definitely not small, but it has the potential to give your room a pretty epic vibe. With the new game out and raking in great reviews, it’s time for you to get on the hype train and once again immerse yourself in the world of left after the Hyrule Kingdom collapsed. It’s dangerous out there, better take Link with you.

Price: $89.99

Buy the Breath of the Wild 25cm Link Statue here.

6. Zelda: Hero of Hyrule Men’s Cosplay Hoodie

zelda hoodie

That last hoodie we’ve shown you was cool, but this one is simply epic. Not only is it a quality made piece of garment, but the level of detail they’ve included is cosplay-worthy, to say the least. Let’s start from the most obvious things. The hoodie is naturally delivered in Zelda green. That’s a given. The front features actual bandoleers with actual buckles.

Once you flip it over, you will see a printed Hylian shield and the print is pretty decent quality. Moving on to the hood, you are looking at a long and pointy design which mimics Link’s elf hat. Glance over at the shoulders and we see a pair of tunic style shoulder covers. There are just so many awesome details on this thing that make it one of the best cosplay hoodies you can get at the moment. For the money, you won’t find a better one.

Price: $57.99

Buy the Hero of Hyrule Men’s Cosplay Hoodie here.

7. Zelda: Hyrule Adventurer Satchel

messenger bag

When you set out on your daily adventures, you will definitely need a place to store all of your inventory. Sure, you can go with a simple backpack, but why would you when you can get a cool looking satchel like this one. Made from durable canvas, this messenger bag features an awesome, but more importantly, functional design that will keep up with you no matter what your requirements are.

The main flap features a nice, large Zelda logo in gold while the main colors of the bag are olive drab with light purple elements. Once you open the bag, you will find enough room to fit an average laptop, along with a bunch of other things you might need to take with you. With a fully adjustable sling, you won’t have to worry about comfort. Finally, this is the official Nintendo item, and is a limited run. In other words, get it while it’s hot.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Hyrule Adventurer Satchel here.

8. Zelda: Hey! Listen! Navi Necklace

zelda necklace

If you ever feel lost, or you feel like you just can’t find your bearing, you know who to turn to. Navi! Check out this awesome Navi necklace that features a very subtle design. It’s the type of necklace that will fit no matter what kind of outfit you’re going for – a casual evening with friends, or a formal dinner in a fancy restaurant. It’s lightweight, small, and just about the right in every aspect that matters.

You can easily wear it all day long, sleep with it and you won’t feel it at all. In terms of quality, it’s not specifically known which alloys and materials were used, but the guys who make these are known for fine craftsmanship so you should expect any problems with this beautiful piece of jewelry. Best of all, this is a licensed Nintendo item, just as the rest of the stuff we’ve shown you so far.

Price: $13.99

Buy the Hey! Listen! Navi Necklace here.

9. Zelda: Fingerless Gloves with Printed Hylian Crest

zelda fingerless gloves

Winter may be coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of cold days to face before we are in the clear. Keeping your hands warm is every bit as important as keeping the rest of your body nice and cozy. Because of that, you need to check out these awesome fingerless gloves that feature a quality printed Hylian crest on the top. Gloves are made of fine materials which won’t irritate your hands.

On the contrary, these puppies will keep your paws nice and warm. If you are sick and tired of boring regular gloves, get a pair of these and go on your adventures in style. One great thing about these gloves is that they are subtle enough to pass as your regular piece of winter gear to an unsuspecting observer. However, those who have shared your adventures will recognize one of their own in an instant.

Price: $16.99

Buy Zelda: Fingerless Gloves w/ Printed Hylian Crest here.

10. Zelda: Hylian Crest Bi-fold Wallet

zelda wallet

They say that wallets are not just there to keep your money and documents safe, but also an insight into your character. This Zelda themed leather wallet is anything but goofy. Its design and materials used are pretty legit even for everyday use. The face of the wallet is decorated with a large embroidered Hylian crest looks pretty imposing, but underneath it, you will find a very subtle yet detailed imprint.

The inside of the wallet is more or less standard, with room for your credit cards, cash, pictures, and change. Even when fully loaded with rupees, this bad boy folds into a slim profile that won’t bother you as you go about your day. From a purely practical point of view, this is a great wallet, but once you add the details and embroidery, its cool factor skyrockets. Honestly, at this price it’s a bargain, to say the least.

Price: $20.99

Buy the Zelda: Hylian Crest Bi-Fold Wallet here.

11. Zelda: Link Trucker’s Cap

zelda trucker hat

Trucker caps have been cool and will be cool until the end of time, just like the Legend of Zelda. On that note, when you combine these two, you reach a whole new level of awesomeness. This particular trucker’s cap does just that. The mesh in the back comes in Zelda green, while the visor is all black. The crown features a very artistic rendition of Link printed on a black background.

It really gives off a very profound vibe when you look at it for a while. Whoever painted Link for this cap must be an artist. As far as trucker caps go, the quality of this one is pretty high up there. It’s fully adjustable so it fits a variety of head sizes, and the mesh is relatively durable even under constant use. At this price, you can bet it’s a good deal, especially considering the level of detail you get for the money.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Zelda: Link Trucker’s Cap here.

12. Zelda: Legends Endure T-Shirt

legends endure zelda shirt

Everyone likes a cool looking t-shirt, that’s just a fact. It’s no wonder that t-shirts have become a piece of clothing used to make a statement, more than any other type of garment out there. There are many Zelda themed t-shirts out there, but if you want one which is more or less low-key in terms of graphics on the front side, this one is the winner.

Someone spent a decent amount of time designing the print on this t-shirt and it definitely shows. You get a large Hylian crest that spans the whole width of the chest, while Link is pictured standing underneath, ready to slay whatever monster comes his way. It is a contoured t-shirt that will form to your body shape, and it is made of pretty comfortable, quality cotton. Once again, this is a fully licensed product, so you get the real thing.

Price: $25.99

Buy Zelda: Legends Endure T-Shirt here.

13. Zelda: Messenger Bag with Embroidered Hylian Crest Logo

zelda messenger bag

Here’s another cool satchel/messenger bag that will be a loyal companion on your daily adventures. The bag is pretty roomy, and comes in a fine black color. The main flap features a very thick print of Hylian crest in silver color. The same material lines the edges of the flap as well. Once you open it, you will see that the face of the bag features many smaller Hylian crests stacked closely to each other. The main storage compartment is accessed by opening the main zipper.

You will find this messenger bag to be pretty roomy all things considered. There’s no annoying inner compartments, but rather a very nicely organized interior The sling, which is probably the most important part of the whole bag, is pretty comfortable yet simple. You can adjust it with and there’s a lot of slack to work with. The bag doesn’t move around when it’s loaded, so you can definitely use it to its fullest potential.

Price: $46.99

Buy Zelda: Messenger Bag w/ Embroidered Hylian Crest Logo here.

14. Paladone The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Mug

zelda mug

Mugs are one of those things in life which you will always use. No matter if you are a coffee person, tea person or just someone who likes to drink soup from the mug, you will need a mug. Speaking of which, not all mugs are the same and we all have that special one which possesses has a very profound value to us. Paladone The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Mug could be that mug for you.

It’s an original, licensed piece of kit that comes in a stylish package. The mug itself is Zelda green aside from the golden Hylian logo painted on the front, and a Legend of Zelda logo on the back. It’s no small thing either. This can easily satisfy your morning fix of coffee and then some. While we definitely don’t recommend that you drop this mug on purpose, it inspires confidence when you hold in your hand.

Price: $12.96

Buy Paldone The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Mug here.

15. Legend of Zelda Piece of Heart Container from Ocarina of Time

zelda heart

Talk about a perfect gift for that special someone. Decalism offers a pretty stylish looking Piece of Heart container that comes in its own wooden box. The level of finish of the box itself is impressive. The inside is lined with nice satin fabric, where the heart safely sits protected from all sides. Once you open the box, you will find a Piece of Heart made out of clear cyan resin. It has a nice bluish hue, and looks just amazing. In the middle of the hard, there is a smaller semi-transparent dark red heart.

Every single facet of the heart is polished to perfection, leaving no sharp edges or anything that would ruin the overall feel of the object. Once you pick it up, it feels very precious.even though it is made of rather ordinary materials. Whether an anniversary is coming up, or another occasion, this Piece of Heart is a great gift for your special someone.

Price: $29.98

Buy the Piece of Heart Container from Ocarina of Time here.

16. Zelda: Triforce Golden Power Lamp

zelda merchandise

Lamps are among the most underrated pieces of furniture out there. Everyone seems content with a light bulb whatever it looks like as long as it works. That is about to change. Check out the ultimate Zelda item for your room, living room or office. We’re talking Triforce big time here. This lamps is pretty large and is shaped as, you guessed it, Triforce symbol.

While it’s not the brightest thing in the world, the beauty if this lamp comes from it’s warm, cozy, completely diffused yellow light. It is one of those lamps that you want to have your nightstand or desktop. But wait, there’s more. Both sides of the triangle feature cutouts which project the Hylian crest onto whatever surface is in the way. The crest is pretty sharp compared to the main three lamps. Not only do you get a light that is easy on the eyes, but you also get a very cool detail that can really spice the space up.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Zelda Triforce Golden Power Lamp here.

17. Zelda: Copper Hylian Crest Belt Buckle

zelda belt buckle

These days no one really pays that much attention to belts. Belt buckles used to be more than just something to keep your belt tight around your waist, they were personal statements. Fortunately, they are coming back in style, and what better way to get into this revamped trend, than with a very detailed copper Hylian crest belt buckle? This thing is designed pretty well, crafted even better, and fits with just about any belt color you can think of.

Naturally, the copper color goes perfectly with jeans, but let your clothing be your canvas. One great thing about this buckle is the fact that it is rather subtle. Sure, there’s a big Hylian crest on there, but the overall design makes it look like an ordinary stylish buckle. It is a stealthy way to show your support for the empire, and let the world know that the adventure is far from over!

Price: $23.99

Buy the Zelda Copper Hylian Crest Belt Buckle here.

18. Legend of Zelda Link’s Costume Wallet

zelda wallet

Here’s another cool wallet straight from the Hylian empire. It’s a bi-fold design that features all the standard compartments you would find in any other wallet of this type. They’ve used genuine leather to build this thing and the quality of stitching is pretty impressive. When you open the box it comes in, you will see a beautiful combination of brown combined with Zelda green and yellow.

The Hylian crest on the face of the wallet is made of metal and looks great. Speaking of which, the crest is joined to the leather pretty flush, so you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck on things when you try to put it in your pocket. This is by far one of the prettier and better-made Legend of Zelda themed wallets out there. Best thing of all, it’s super affordable and is even cheaper than most regular leather bi-fold wallets on the market.

Price: $16.49

Buy Link’s Costume Wallet here.

19. Nintendo Zelda Gold Cartridge Throw Blanket

zelda gold cartridge blanket

Getting home after a long day at work is the best feeling ever. That moment when you change into your comfy clothes, put on some coffee or tea, and just sit down to relax on the couch is enough to get us through the hardest of days. What could possibly make that experience even better? How about a comfortable throw blanket. This awesome cover is designed to look like a Zelda cartridge and features all the details you would see on the real one.

Made out of polyester, it’s so comfy and warm that you will want to take it with you where ever you go. In terms of dimensions, it’s pretty large. It may not be suitable to use to cover yourself in bed, but it’s more than big enough to tuck yourself in on a recliner or a couch. This is a quality throw blanket, so don’t worry about the details fading out after one or two wash cycles.

Price: $19.48

Buy the Gold Cartridge Throw Blanket here.

20. Zelda Twilight Princess Replica Sword Standard – Metal

zelda sword

Here’s a great piece of Zelda memorabilia for those who need a quick cosplay fix. It’s a replica of Twilight Princess sword that is made of metal. Make no mistake, this is a real blade. However, it is not designed for actually cutting stuff, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting yourself as the blade is somewhat dull. Even so, you definitely should be careful with this thing.

The design is pretty alright considering the price, although it’s not the best looking replica out there. What it is, though is an affordable way to complete your Zelda themed cosplay costume. On the other hand, this cool looking sword is a great detail to hang on the wall of your bedroom, if you are a Zelda fan. The package includes a sword and a scabbard. Now, the level of details is pretty alright, but not perfect. Are there better choices out there? Sure, but not at this price.

Price:: $28.95

Buy the Twilight Princess Replica Sword here.

21. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 10-Inch Link Statue

zelda statue

Even though their practical value is pretty much nonexistent, there are several reasons why statues are a cool thing to collect. Especially if you are a fan of specific video game series. First and foremost, they just look awesome, and it’s kinda cool to have a physical representation of your favorite characters right there on the desk with you. Second, and most important, is their collector’s value.

Here we have a statue of Link that fits that description perfectly. It is 10 inches tall and features Link in his default standing position. The level of detail on this statue is great. Every single piece of Link’s clothing and gear is done perfectly, and the same goes for his facial features. The statue sits on a wide and very stable circular base, so the chances of this thing tipping over are pretty small. The only thing to watch out for is the sword, which sticks outside the perimeter of the base.

Price: $69.99

Buy the Twilight Princess 10-inch Link Statue here.

22. The Legend of Zelda Chess Collector’s Set

zelda monopoly

Chess is definitely one of those games which will always be in style. There is no one out there who won’t enjoy a good game of chess from time to time. When it comes to chess sets, there have been all kinds themed ones on the market for decades. Zelda Chess is another one. The whole thing is designed and packaged beautifully. The board features black and green fields with UV finish.

Chess pieces are made of high-quality vinyl, and have a metallic finish. This set uses the Ocarina of Time characters so you have Link as King, the queen is Zelda, bishops are Impa and so on. The opposing force features Ganon as the king while Twinrova is the Queen. All pieces are from 1 1/2 inches high to 2 1/2 inches high. Needless to say, this is one of the better Zelda themed chess sets, and even the packaging is done on a level that is rarely seen.

Coming March 2017.

Price: $74.99

Buy the Legend of Zelda Chess Collector’s Set here.

23. Legend of Zelda Triforce Goldtone Pocket Watch

zelda pocket watch

Now here’s an item that is rarely used these days, but is an awesome and pretty unique thing to have. What you see here is not just a Zelda themed watch, but a Zelda themed pocket watch with awesome details and great build quality. The lid of features a nice gold plated Hylian crest laid over a shiny black surface. Once you pop the lid, you will see a beautiful watch face that has a nice vintage vibe to it.

The glass that protects the watch face and its mechanism is curved and adds nicely to the aesthetic they were going for. Now, this is a fully functioning watch, so the practical value it offers is there. As most other pocket watches, this one also features a nice metallic chain that is some 15 inches long. you can tie it up to your jeans, or any other piece of clothing and you will always know what time it is.

Price: $29.99

Buy the Triforce Goldtone Pocket Watch here.

24. The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Shield Backpack

zelda shield

Backpacks are becoming a very important part of our every day carry. With all the gadgets, laptops and accompanying gear, you just have to have one of these in order to get through the day. A good backpack needs to have a decent amount of room and be comfortable enough for use over extended periods of time. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t also look cool.

Check out this Zelda themed backpack that looks like a Hyrule shield. This way, you will feel ready and protected for whatever adventure the day brings. The backpack itself is made of pretty durable materials while all of the details are embroidered. With a padded back panel and fully adjustable straps, you don’t have to worry about the comfort with this awesome backpack. In terms of storage, you get one main compartment that is accessed via the main zipper.

Price: $49.99

Buy the Hyrule Shield Backpack here.

25. Zelda Monopoly

zelda monopoly

Board games are probably not as popular as they were before video games took over. With that said, there is one board game that will never become old or boring. You guessed it, we are talking about Monopoly. The truth about Monopoly is that there’s not much you can do to mod the core of the game, but you sure can apply different themes. This Legend of Zelda Monopoly set offers just that.

You get a board that features art and locations from the game, while the player tokens come in form of characters from the game. Just like with the regular set, you can play this game with up to 5 friends. The quality of the pieces, the board itself and every other item that comes in the set, is pretty good. If you are a Zelda fan – or know someone who is – this Legend of Zelda Monopoly set is a perfect choice for a gift.

Price: $39.99

Buy the Zelda Monopoly here.

26. Twilight Princess Zelda Figma Action Figure

princess zelda figure

When it comes to Zelda character statues, the most popular is naturally that of the main character, Link. He is the main choice of those who are just starting their collection or simply want to have one figurine inspired by the Zelda series. Next choice is the Twilight Princess Zelda. The one we have here is a very detailed model that simply impresses with the level of detail and functionality.

Unlike most figures out there, this one made by Figma actually comes with fully functioning joints. In other words, you can recreate different scenes from the series, using a variety of weapons. Speaking of which, you get the Bow of Light as well as her sword. This figure is some 5 3/4 inches tall, so it’s definitely not small. Perfect for desktops, shelves or night stands, this rendition of Twilight Princess Zelda is just awesome.

Coming August 2017.

Price: $78.99

Buy the Twilight Princess Zelda Figma Action Figure here.

27. Triforce Symbol Spinner Watch

zelda spinner watch

We have shown you an amazing pocket watch, but that format is not something many are really into. If you are looking for a nice Zelda themed way to keep track of time, check out this Legend of Zelda Triforce Symbol spinner watch. It comes with a quality made, Zelda green rubber wristband that uses the classic buckle system. The watch itself features a lit that pops open to reveal a beautiful watch face.

Right in the center, you will see a gold color Hylian crest. Now, you can either wear this watch, and use it to keep track of time, however it also comes with a nice display box. Who is this wrist watch meant for? Well, anyone from a kid to an adult who is a fan of Zelda series. At this price, it is one of the more affordable Zelda themed watches, that is also well made.

Coming April 2017.

Price: $24.99

Buy the Triforce Symbol Spinner Watch here.

28. Legendary 8-Bit Light-Up Jewelry Treasure Chest with Sound

8bit light up treasure chest

Here is another cool and practical piece of Zelda universe that will fit perfectly in your bedroom. What we are looking at here is an 8-bit treasure chest from Zelda series, that features solid construction with good quality hinges. Once you pop it open, there’s a surprise waiting for you. Not only is the inside covered with nice red velour, but it also lights up. But wait, there’s more.

As you open the lid, you will hear that legendary treasure finding fanfare from the game. Because of these features, you will need two AA batteries which are not supplied with the chest. Legendary 8-Bit Light-Up Jewelry Treasure Chest is great for jewelry, cufflinks or any other small object you want to keep safe. The chest is 4 1/4 inches tall, some 4 inches wide and 3 inches long. If you’re looking for a gift for a Zelda fan, look no further.

Price: $29.99

Buy the 8-bit Light-Up Jewelry Treasure Chest here.

29. First 4 Figures Twilight Princess: Ganondorf Statue

ganondorf figure

Last two items we want to show you are for serious collectors. If you know a thing or two about collectible statues, you have probably heard of First 4 Figures. This company is well known in the business and their products are best bar none. The one we are looking at here is a statue of Ganondorf from the Twilight Princess. It is a 1:4 scale model that stands 23 inches tall. In other words, it’s a pretty large statue.

The level of detail is supreme. First 4 Figures once again did an incredible job at depicting the characters from the Zelda series. One great thing about this statue is the fact that it is fully licensed by Nintendo. In terms of collector’s value, every one of these comes with a hand-numbered base and a unique authenticity card. Now, this statue is anything but cheap, however it is the holy grail of any serious Zelda collection.

Price: $549.99

Buy the First 4 Figures Ganondorf Statue here.

30. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Life-Size Replica

lifesize majora's mask

Finally, we have this awesome life-size replica of Majora’s mask. Yep, this thing is 20 inches tall and get this, it weighs 20 pounds in total!. That little bit of info alone tells you it’s something only a serious Zelda collector might be interested in. Just like the statue we have shown you previously, this awesome rendition of Majora’s mask is also made by First 4 Figures.

The level of detail is impressive, to say the least, and the colors are vivid just like in the game. Everything from the packaging to the mask itself features supreme quality. First 4 Figures ships this mask with its own authenticity certificate, so you can bet this thing has a good collector’s value to it as well. If you are seriously into collecting Zelda memorabilia, you probably already have some sort of Majora’s mask. However, nothing out there comes even close to this one.

Price: $354.99

Buy the Majora’s Mask Life-Size Replica here.

Breath of the Wild T-Shirts

1. Breath of the Wild Z T-shirt

breath of the wild merchandise

These Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild tees are simply just the Z from the game’s logo with a sword through it. Simple, and it looks great with the pastel blue or green colors (there are a couple other colors available). And, for $20? You can’t beat it.

Price: $20.45

Buy the Breath of the Wild T-shirt here.

2. Stay Wild Zelda Shirt

stay wild zelda shirt

This “Stay Wild” t-shirt is a subtle nod to the upcoming Zelda game, with the tri-force being the dot for the “i” in “Wild.”

Price: $25.00

Buy the Stay Wild T-shirt here.

3. Breath of the Wild Costume Shirt

breath of the wild costume shirt

This Breath of the Wild costume t-shirt is modeled after Link’s attire that debuted in the Breath of the Wild trailer, and it’s perfect for any half-assed cosplay or casual wear.

Price: $26.99

Buy the Breath of the Wild Costume Shirt here.

4. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Z Sword T-shirt

breath of the wild t-shirt

This Breath of the Wild t-shirt is like the one that Nintendo was handing out at this year’s E3 after they debuted the game’s actual title.

Price: $20.45

Buy the Legend of Zelda T-shirt here.

5. Sheikah Eye T-Shirt

breath of the wild merchandise

For a more abstract design that isn’t necessarily as recognizable to the general public, check out the Sheikah Eye T-shirt, which has the same light blue colorway as the logo shirt above, but has the Sheikah Eye on it.

Price: $20.00

Buy the Sheikah Eye T-shirt here.

6. Sheikah Slate Stone T-Shirt (Coolmax)

sheikah t-shirt

Coolmax is a special type of fabric that’s ultra absorbent, and this Sheikah Slate Stone T-shirt is made of 90% cotton, 10% coolmax material. It always you to stay sweat-free and cool in the warmer weather, and it won’t cling to your skin. The material is lightweight, and the design is undeniably cool.

Price: $26.99+

Buy the Sheikah Slate Stone T-shirt here.

7. Colorized Breath of the Wild Logo T-Shirt

legend of zelda review

This Redbubble shirt serves as an ode to the original Legend of Zelda from the NES, with gold lettering. Ah, the days of the gold cartridge — maybe with the Nintendo NX, we’ll once again be able to hold a new gold Zelda game cartridge in our hands. Until then, this tee will serve as the perfect nod to the original.

Price: $24.80

Buy it from Redbubble.

Breath of the Wild Art and Posters

1. Rock Climbing 13×19 Poster

breath of the wild poster

Price: $12.99

Buy the Breath of the Wild Poster here.

2. Breath of the Wild Game Poster A3 or A4

breath of the wild merchandise

Price: $6.82+

Buy the Breath of the Wild Game Poster here.

Breath of the Wild Cosplay Apparel

1. Breath of the Wild Link Cosplay Costume

breath of the wild cosplay

It’s never too early to start cosplaying as the new Link (rather, the same link but from the new Zelda). This all-in-one high quality cosplay costume is made to order and sized to fit all sizes, and it includes a blue tunic, leather belts and bag, black cape, pants, arm-band, and gloves. All that you’ll need to add is a wig, shoes, and a badass bow. While it’s unfortunate that it takes 2-4 weeks to actually arrive at your doorstep, the quality is unmatched in the realm of premade cosplay costumes.

Price: $120.99

Buy the Breath of the Wild Cosplay Costume here.

2. Breath of the Wild Link Bracer Leather

breath of the wild bracer

A replica of the bracers Link is seen wearing in all of the Breath of the Wild trailers. Note that it’s for ONE bracer, and not two.

Price: $49.99+

Buy it here

Other Cool Stuff


1. Legend of Zelda Sheikah Slate Laptop Sleeve

breath of the wild merch

The Sheikah eye with a unique design on a laptop sleeve is perfect for the nerdy traveler.

Price: $42.00+

Buy the Legend of Zelda laptop sleeve here.

2. Breath of the Wild iPhone Case

breath of the wild iphone case

Price: $25.00

Buy it From RedBubble.

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