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Star Wars Darth Vader Union Suit Pajamas


darth vader pajamasIt’s not a secret that we here at Nerd Much love Star Wars (yes, even the prequels). And we love great Star Wars merch almost as much as we love the movies themselves, so when new cool stuff comes about, we’re ready to open our wallets. With that in mind, let us present to you these Star Wars Darth Vader Union Suit Pajamas.

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Whether you’re into casual cosplay or you just want a great new footless adult onesie, these Vader pajamas are ridiculously comfy. They’re made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. They’re designed to look like Darth Vader’s iconic armor, and it has a hood to keep your head warm. So if you prefer to have dreams that line up more with the Dark Side of things, these will undoubtedly ensure you’re set. Actually, now that we think about it, if you wear them to bed, will you become Darth Vader in your dreams, gaining the ability to force choke everyone in your dream and sound like Mufasa? Hmm…

Price: $47.60 (20% off, normally $59.50)

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