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Zelda Hooded Scarf With Ears

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Functional and fashionable, this Zelda Hooded Scarf With Ears will keep your neck and ears warm. The scarf is a dark green sage, and might be knitted. It is lined with a black fleece, or something soft of the like. At both ends of the scarf in the iconic Z in mustard yellow.Zelda Hooded Scarf With Ears

The hood of this scarf comes to small point at the top to better emulate everyone’s favorite green-clad hero of time. On each side of the hood are beige colored elf ears, which only come in High Elf. In order to be closer to what Link looks like, hopefully, and not any nefarious reason.

A hooded scarf might be a little unusual, but an extra layer between you and the cold is always welcome. Wear this under your favorite coat and pull up the hood to stay warm, or in milder weather, wear the scarf instead of a sweater.

Only true nerds are brave enough to wear elf ears outside the conventions, and these double as a warm scarf. Functionality and nerdiness don’t often go together, but it is a happy union when it does. The Zelda franchise is certainly more likely to contain practical merchandise, given how obnoxiously popular it is, but it’s still good to see something as practical as a scarf.

This scarf may not align itself with a particular Zelda game, but that can make it a great conversation starter. Nothing pleases a Zelda fan more than being able to share which game they like best and why.

There is always far too much to say, as each game is unique within the franchise and manages to break conventions we never would have thought of. Skyward Sword had motion controls, Twilight Princess had transformation mechanics not unlike Majora’s Mask, and certainly Breath of the Wild broke so many conventions we could never count them on one hand.

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