Spider-Man Release Date Coming Tomorrow

Game Informer is preparing to blow the doors off of Insomniac’s upcoming Spider-Man game. The magazine and online site is touting a full month of exclusive features based upon the title. With the announcement of the game’s release date kicking off the festivities tomorrow.

News of the game’s release date was confirmed by Insomniac Games themselves on Twitter. When Game Informer’s digital issue goes live tomorrow, so too will the game’s launch date:

Game Informer’s trailer above does a fantastic job of hyping up the occasion. We see about a minute of footage from the game. With the majority of it revolving around Spider-Man’s impressive web swinging mechanics.

Members of Insomniac speak over the trailer. “You’ve got to feel like Spider-Man more than you’ve ever done before. It’s all about feeling like Spider-Man” says one dev. Another explains that “our Spider-Man is a more experienced Spider-Man. He’s not just learning how to swing. He swings with a lot of style, a lot of confidence.”

Insomniac doubles down on the hype, explaining that the version of Spider-Man in this story is already a seasoned crime fighter. “He’s not just 15 years old, he’s not just getting used to his powers. We definitely wanted to play up the fact that he has the ability to juggle between webs, melee, environment interaction and gadgets.”

In other words, Insomniac sounds very confident in their game. And that’s great, because fans are expecting greatness here. And the team knows it. “One of the biggest reasons we at Insomniac connect with Spider-Man and Peter Parker is that they’re both underdogs.” And who doesn’t love rooting for underdogs?

We also got a look at Game Informers print cover for the May issue. And it’s just a beautiful as you would imagine:

With the release date being announced tomorrow, fans are getting excited about a possible release date as early as June or July. We’ll have to wait just another handful of hours to find out for sure. But we’re certainly excited to finally learn when we’ll be taking Spider-Man out for another video game spin.

Source Game Informer
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