Cool StuffSanta Stripe Gremlins Action Figure with Gizmo by Neca

Santa Stripe Gremlins Action Figure with Gizmo by Neca

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Are you bored of the same old holiday decorations? The twinkling lights? The tinseled-out Christmas tree? The hanging wreaths? Swap out your merry for mischief with this Santa Stripe Gremlins Action Figure with Gizmo from NECA.

Based on the classic 1984 Gremlins movie marketing ad, this seven-inch scale Stripe action figure has definitely eaten cookies after midnight. The big-eared Gremlin leader looks more naughty than nice in his Santa suit, which is removable and made out of a soft, velvety fabric. Furry white cuffs on its wrists and pant legs make him look like he’s been out wreaking havoc in the snow, and its matching big black belt can spin around this action figure’s body, guaranteeing that you can position it for the perfect photo. 

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You can also pose Santa Stripe’s hat however you like, as it features hidden wiring to help you create a variety of looks and an attached fuzzy beard. Be sure to complete Stripe’s transformation into Mr. Christmas himself with his candy cane accessory, too. He’ll be ready to terrorize holiday shoppers in no time!

Every Santa needs a little helper, and that’s why this Santa Stripe Gremlins Action Figure comes with a smaller Gizmo accessory. This Mogwai, luckily, hasn’t dug into any late-night Christmas Eve sweets, but he’s still more than ready to celebrate the holiday season with you.

This Santa Stripe Gremlins Action Figure with Gizmo is brought to you by NECA, one of the leading manufacturers of licensed merchandise. Show it off on your festive holiday table or add it to your collection of Gremlins collectibles. If anything, though, this Christmas, make sure not to expose it to sunlight!

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