Cool StuffSpider-Man PS4 Hoodie is the Greatest of All-Time

Spider-Man PS4 Hoodie is the Greatest of All-Time

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Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man should be hitting the PlayStation 4 sometime this year. And to truly immerse yourself in the web-slinging experience, you’re going to need the proper attire to bring it all together. Luckily Merchoid has just the garb for you.

The Spider-Man: White Spider Premium Hoodie dons the design straight out of the upcoming PlayStation 4 game. It sports a primarily red front with scattered black webbing, blue sleeves, and a large white iconic Spider-Man spider. The back of the zip-up hoodie is primarily blue with the white spider emblem as well.

There have been a few rumored released dates for the PlayStation 4 game. GameStop listed a pre-order mentioning June 30th. Other reports indicated a possible September 28th release. And while there’s no solid date for the game, we have a general idea as to when we’re getting the hoodie. It will begin shipping in June.

The Spider-Man: White Spider Premium Hoodie will be available in sizes S through XXL. Merchoid states that pre-order quantities are limited though. So if you’re truly interested in getting yourself this dope zip-up, you’ll have to jump on it quickly. Here’s the official write-up:

“Inspired by Spider-Man’s costume in the upcoming PlayStation 4 game, the hoodie incorporates the web-slinging hero’s classic colors of red, white and blue in darker tones, along with a white Spider logo. The hoodie has a sporty athletic style fit with body paneling details, full-length zip, and drawstring hood.”

Merchoid is also rocking a slew of Avengers: Infinity War inspired items right now. They have Avengers, Black Panther, and Ant-Man zip-up hoodies. T-Shirts inspired by the Iron-Spider suit, Thanos, and a variety of other characters and designs. And accessories including wallets, hats, wristbands, mugs – and even the Infinity Gauntlet itself.

With merch like this, games like Spider-Man coming and Avengers: Infinity War hitting us next month, it’s truly a great time to be a nerd.

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