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8Bitdo Twin Cube Stereo Bluetooth Speakers

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These 8Bitdo Twin Cube Stereo Bluetooth Speakers are supposed to be in compliment to the Nintendo Switch, hence the bright pastel colors to match. They are, as the name implies, cubes, with the speaker being a large circle on all four sides.

The top on each cube has a DPAD for such important buttons as power, volume, and play/pause. The back shows the plug-ins available, the AUX and USB 3. It is noted in the product description that the Nintendo Switch can only be connected via the AUX input and that Bluetooth on the Switch is unavailable. Please keep in mind and be aware that no cords of any kind come with these speakers.

This pair goes for $24.57 USD but you don’t need not use both at the same time. Though how that will work for the Switch is unclear. Do you need a split cord so you can plug-in both speakers to the Switch, or are you restricted to only one speaker when connecting to the Switch?

The seller doesn’t answer the question, but one customer claims that a 3.5mm AUX cable does come with the speakers. They say that you plug in your Switch to one speaker, turn on party mode, and both speakers will work. The person also claims that there is a bit of a delay between the gameplay and speakers when doing this, and that it might be best to use this mode for music only.

Besides that issue, two speakers for that price doesn’t seem too bad, depending on the quality. Though it may be a little confusing to use them with the Switch, they are still Bluetooth speakers and you can easily pair them with your phone or computer to play music, podcasts, or whatever you want, wherever you want.

Though you may not be able to use the DPAD as an actual controller, the subtly is appreciated. These 8Bitdo Twin Cube Stereo Bluetooth Speakers would look good anywhere and would always be easy to find. Bright colors are always important when travelling.

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