Cool StuffWhich X-Chair Is Best For You? Our Ultimate Guide (2023)

Which X-Chair Is Best For You? Our Ultimate Guide (2023)

Are you thinking about splurging on an X-Chair but you’re not sure which one to buy? X-Chairs have become incredibly popular, particularly with office executives looking to spruce up their digs. Read our buying guide below to help you find the X-Chair that is the best one for you, based on budget, functionality, style, and the pros and cons of each X-Chair model.

The Best X-Chairs

Best for Smaller Budgets: X1 Mesh Office Chair

x-chair x1 flex chair

Price: Starting at $789

Buy it at X-Chair

The X1 Mesh Office Chair is the perfect blend of ergonomic design and modern aesthetics. Its breathable mesh backrest and lumbar support technology provide unparalleled comfort during long hours of work. The adjustable headrest offers additional neck support, promoting a healthy sitting posture. With its customizable armrests and seat height, the X1 ensures a personalized fit for every user. The advanced synchro-tilt mechanism allows seamless reclining and keeps the user’s body properly aligned, reducing strain and fatigue. Enjoy a productive and comfortable workday with the X1 Task Chair.


  • Excellent lumbar support and customizable features for ergonomic comfort.
  • Breathable mesh backrest keeps you cool during extended use.
  • Adjustable headrest offers added support for the neck and upper back.


  • Some users may find the price on the higher side.

X2 K-Sport Management Chair

X2 Ksport office chair

Price: Starting at $969

Buy it From X-Chair

The X2 K-Sport Management Chair combines a sporty design with exceptional functionality. Its responsive, dual-wheel K-Sport Flex technology adapts to your movements, ensuring constant lumbar support and stability. The stylish white frame complements any modern office setup. The X2’s dynamic variable lumbar (DVL) support system automatically adjusts to your back, providing customized support. The Flex Mesh Technology in the seat and backrest enhances airflow and keeps you cool, even during intense work sessions. Elevate your office experience with the X2 K-Sport Management Chair.


  • K-Sport Flex technology ensures continuous lumbar support.
  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) support adapts to your back shape.
  • Sleek and modern design with a white frame for aesthetic appeal.


  • Some users may prefer more color options to suit their preferences.

Best Mid-Tier Option: X3 Pro Management Chair

X3 X-chair

Price: Starting at $1094

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Designed for executive comfort and style, the X3 Pro Management Chair boasts top-tier features. The luxury leather upholstery exudes elegance, while the X-Chair’s patented dynamic variable lumbar (DVL) support system and SciFloat Infinite Recline offer unmatched comfort and adaptability. The advanced ergonomic design ensures proper alignment and reduces pressure on the spine. The 4-dimensional armrests allow you to find your perfect arm position. Experience superior luxury and ergonomics with the X3 Pro Management Chair.


  • Premium leather upholstery adds a touch of luxury to your office.
  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) support system provides personalized comfort.
  • SciFloat Infinite Recline offers seamless tilting for optimal relaxation.


  • The leather option may not be ideal for users who prefer breathable materials.

Premium Look Without the Premium Price: X4 Leather Executive Chair

X4 Leather Executive Office Chair

Price: Starting at $1349

Buy it From X-Chair

Elevate your office ambiance with the X4 Leather Executive Chair. This chair combines a sleek and luxurious design with exceptional comfort. The supple leather upholstery and plush cushioning create an inviting seating experience. The dynamic thoracic support adjusts to your back, promoting proper posture and reducing strain. The X4’s advanced tilt lock mechanism and adjustable headrest provide unparalleled versatility. Indulge in ultimate relaxation while maintaining productivity with the X4 Leather Executive Chair.


  • Luxurious leather upholstery offers an upscale and inviting feel.
  • Dynamic thoracic support promotes healthy posture and reduces back strain.
  • Tilt lock mechanism and adjustable headrest enhance versatility.


  • Some users may find the price point on the higher end.

Best Premium Chair: X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair

x-chair x-tech office chair

Price: Starting at $1899

Buy it From X-Chair

Immerse yourself in the epitome of executive luxury and productivity with the X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair. This exceptional chair is thoughtfully engineered to deliver top-notch performance, making it the ultimate choice for busy professionals seeking unparalleled comfort and support. It has heated back and vibration for ultimate back comfort while working or gaming at your desk.

Features That Set the X-Tech Apart

  1. Supreme Comfort and Support: The X-Tech Ultimate boasts a body-contoured seat that hugs your form, providing optimal support for those long work hours. Say goodbye to discomfort and experience a new level of coziness.
  2. Temperature-Regulating Fabrics: Stay cool and focused throughout your day with our temperature-regulating fabrics. Experience an office chair that adapts to your body’s needs, ensuring an ideal sitting environment.
  3. Built for Larger Frames: We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. X-Tech comes standard with a spacious seat width of 22 inches, perfect for larger framed individuals, and a generous weight capacity of 275 pounds.
  4. Action Sport-Inspired Wheels: The X-Tech is equipped with action sport-inspired wheels, designed to glide smoothly and effortlessly across various surfaces. Move with grace and ease as you tackle your tasks.

Who X-Tech is Perfect For

  • Larger Framed Individuals: If you’ve struggled to find a chair that accommodates your size comfortably, X-Tech is tailored to fit your needs, providing both ample seat width and weight capacity. As a 265 pound fat guy, myself, the X-Tech has been my daily chair for the past two years without issue.
  • Office Warriors: For those who spend long hours working at their desk, the X-Tech offers unparalleled support and helps alleviate neck and back pain, ensuring you stay focused and energized.
  • Busy Professionals: Say goodbye to decision fatigue. The X-Tech Ultimate Executive Chair comes fully equipped with premium features and top-notch quality, making it an ideal choice for professionals who seek the best without compromising on comfort.

In fact, we also included the X-Tech X-Chair on our list of the best gaming chairs for back pain.

How Much Does an X-Chair Cost?

As you can see above, X-Chair has a number of different models available, starting at $789. Their premium chairs, like the X-Tech, can be over $2,000, depending on the options you pick.

Is an X-Chair Worth the Money?

Yes, X-Chairs are worth the money especially if you suffer from back pain while gaming or working in your office. I mentioned in my X-Tech review over at that the X-Tech – which is X-Chair’s most expensive model – is worth the money if you have the disposable income to spare.

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