101 Awesome Geek Gifts for Nerds (2020)

Looking for the best geek gifts for that special nerd in your life? We’ve got you covered at Nerd Much?.

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for yourself or you’re shopping for that special nerd in your family, you’ll definitely find something awesome in our list below. We’ve featured cool stuff for board game lovers, gamers, bookworms, sci-fi enthusiasts, superhero nerds, and so much more.

So if you’re looking for something fun and nerdy for a friend or loved one, or you’re looking for a celebratory gift for gamers, movie-lovers or TV bingers, here are the 101 best geek gifts for nerds in 2020:

1 Wildlands Board Game

It has been awhile since I’ve really dug a new board game to the extent that I dig Wildlands, the new game from Martin Wallace. But, after playing my first game of Wildlands with some friends, I’ve fallen in love with it. In fact, dare I say that it’s my new favorite board game?[Read More]

2 Cougar Armor Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs make a great gift for gaming geeks and there are TONS of different gaming chairs to choose from.[Read More]

3 Altair AA Aqua RC Boat

If he/she is an RC geek like us, check out one of the best RC boats on the market right now: the Altair AA Aqua. [Read More]

4 Tile Sticker 8-Pack | Only $99.99 + FREE Google Nest Mini ($159.96 Value!!)

Tile Sticker 8-Pack | Only $99.99 + FREE Google Nest Mini ($159.96 Value!!)

Sponsored by Tile

If you’re shopping for a tech-loving nerd who frequently loses their things, you might want to pick up one of these Tile Sticker 8-Packs right now from Thetileapp.com. I can’t stress enough how handy these little trackers are—especially for someone who frequently loses their keys, controllers, TV remotes, wallet, and smartphone.

In fact, my wife picked up a pack of these earlier this year as a birthday gift for me and I have them on those items previously mentioned, as well as my headphone charging case, Liz’s (my wife’s) phone, and her set of keys. They’re small trackers that stick to virtually whatever you want so that you can find them when you lose them using your smartphone app. It’s a small finder that sticks to everything you can imagine. And you can find whatever item you’ve lost right with your smartphone using the Tile app, which will loudly (I repeat, LOUDLY!) ring your trackers to help you find the item.

As someone who frequently has his young daughter run off with his wallet, keys, and phone, I can tell you the Tile Stickers have been the perfect solution to that problem. We absolutely think they’ll make the perfect geek gift for the tech-loving giftee this holiday season.

Right now through 12/31, if you order a Tile Sticker 8-Pack you’ll get a FREE Google Nest Mini along with it!

Price: $99.99

Buy it here

5 The League of Regrettable Superheroes: The Failed Heroes

The League of Regrettable Superheroes is an absolutely brilliant book that delves into the failed superheroes of our past. [Read More]

6 Logitech Pro X Gaming Headset

I’ve been using this headset for the past few weeks for my nightly gaming sessions (we’ve been super into Overwatch comp lately), and it’s, hands-down, THE best-sounding gaming headset I’ve tested. [Read More]

7 Nintendo Entertainment SNES Classic Edition – $79.99

Do a barrel roll right down nostalgia lane with the SNES Classic Edition by Nintendo.[Read More]

8 Overwatch Cookbook

Have you ever wondered what the Agents of Overwatch eat when they’re not decimating one another in the arena? Chelsea Monroe-Cassel has found the answer and compiled all of their favorite recipes in the Overwatch: The Official Cookbook. [Read More]

9 Blast Off Salt and Pepper Mills

Blast Off Salt and Pepper Mills

It’s like having little spaceships for your kitchen table, which makes it the perfect gift for a nerdy family or nerdy bachelor.

10 Rick and Morty Cushions

If you know someone who was stoked when Dan Harmon announced that there will be 70 more Rick and Morty episodes, they’ll likely be equally stoked to get a cool Rick and Morty cushion. There’s Pickle Rick (the obvious favorite here), Morty, and regular Rick.

11 Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Peeler

The Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver has a long and varied list of uses, so why not add food peeler to the list? [Read More]

12 Where’s the Wookiee Book

Remember those annoying Where’s Waldo books? Now there is a Star Wars version titled Where’s the WookieeIt’s still annoying, but at least you’re on the hunt for Chewie instead of some dude in a red-striped shirt.

13 Star Wars Baking Set (6pc) – Limited Edition

I do not know about all of you but I for one have always wanted to take a big ol’ bite out of Yoda. [Read More]

14 Nerdy T-Shirts – $20

Nerdy T-Shirts – $20

When it comes to giving nerdy gifts, you can’t go wrong with nerdy t-shirts! We here at Nerd Much? have our very own designs available through TeePublic, [Read More]

Buy it here

15 Zombie LittleLazies Vinyl Figures – $25

Zombie LittleLazies Vinyl Figures – $25

Funko isn’t the only company making cool shelf toys. LittleLazies, a company on Etsy, makes these absolutely awesome figures [Read More]

Buy it here

16 Zombie Head Cookie Jar

This Zombie Head Cookie Jar is one of our favorite geek gifts because it looks like you’re eating zombie brains…[Read More]

17 Sock It to Me Socks

Sock It to Me socks have quickly become our favorite brand of nerdy socks since first trying them out. [Read More]

18 Viotek GN32LD Curved Gaming Monitor

Viotek’s 32″ curved gaming monitor is incredible, and it comes at a great price tag. [Read More]

19 Netgear Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band Gaming Router

Netgear’s router quality is unmatched, and the Netgear Nighthawk X8 Tri-Band Gaming Router is a top-notch option.[Read More]

20 Zelda Triforce LED Lamp

Check out these LED lamps by Hand make, which takes some of your favorite franchises and gives them a unique glow in 16 colors.[Read More]

21 Star Wars Sphero BB8

Last year, the new wave of Star Wars toys from The Force Awakens light the internet ablaze when they were announced, [Read More]

22 Solar System Earrings – $45

Solar System Earrings – $45

As Carl Sagan once said, “for small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.” [Read More]

Buy it here

23 Hunt-A-Killer Subscription Box

Become a detective without any of that pesky schooling with a unique and immersive murder mystery subscription box by the name of Hunt-A-Killer. Hunt A Killer puts you in the shoes of a gifted detective set out to solve a gruesome murder. You know, the kind of evening you put the kids to bed for. 

24 Stranger Things Dart Nesting Plush

Looking for geek gifts for someone who LOVES Stranger Things? [Read More]

25 XXRAY Bob’s Burgers Bob Belcher

Anyone who knows anything about Nerd Much? knows that we’re OBSESSED with the Belcher family and love all things Bob’s Burgers-related.[Read More]

See Also: Best Bob’s Burger Episodes

26 One61 Batman Smartwatch

The One61 Batman Smartwatch is a retro Batman-themed smartwatch that, simply put, is pretty damn cool.[Read More]

27 Xbox One S

The new Xbox One S brings the Xbox One to an entirely new level. [Read More]

28 The Art of Being Bill

Bill Murray has, basically, become a culture of his own, and The Art of Being Bill: The Many Faces of Awesome by Ezra Croft and Jennifer Raiser celebrates that culture. [Read More]

29 Logitech G633 Artemis Gaming Headset

A great headset is an important accessory for any gamer, and the best headset under $200 is the new Logitech G633.[Read More]

30 Nerdy Backpack

Nerdy Backpack

There are so many different great geek backpacks that we couldn’t limit ourselves to picking just one. [Read More]

31 PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Posters Book

Do you want to go back to the good ‘ole days? When only a movie poster and a sparsely seen movie trailer was all you had to fuel excitement for the latest cinematic thrill? I’m talking long before the days of the internet before pop-up ads reminded us every 30 seconds of what’s currently the movies.

The PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection hardcover book aims to take you back to the day of simplicity in movie marketing with a 240-page collection of alternative posters. Curated from PosterSpy, an art community devoted to creating alternate posters for Hollywood’s greatest hits (and biggest flops).

The hardcover collection is a vibrant and often gloomy selection of posters that will leave you wondering why you’re constantly looking at over-photoshopped works that have no substance. PosterSpy’s community of artists are talented individuals that put many of Hollywood’s premier movie marquee creators to shame.

Flip through page after page of stunning artwork for big-budget productions, like the Star Wars saga or the latest iteration of comic book movies, to more artsy films you may have never seen but can appreciate poster art for.

PosterSpy: Alternative Movie Poster Collection is a must-have for any movie buff. If you’ve been to your local theater to catch every big new release, you’re going to appreciate the alternate takes on movie posters you’ve likely stared at while waiting for your friends to get popcorn. 

From minimalist approaches to more abstract creations, each poster contained inside this 240-page collection will delight. It may even inspire you to swap out that A New Hope poster you’ve been hanging in your cinema room for something more cerebral and unique.

Gift yourself a collection of beautifully rendered movie posters or buy PosterSpy for the movie buff in your life.

32 Back to the Future: The Complete Adventures Blu-Ray Set

With Back to the Future seeing a major resurgence in popularity this year (thanks to the movie’s future taking place in October 2015), Universal has put together a complete blu-ray set which includes the original trilogy and the complete TV series. It’s a great nerd gift for any BTTF lover (read: everyone).

33 Original Batgirl Statue by Tweeterhead

If you are a true Batman fan, then you will know that the beloved Barbara Gordon was not the only Batgirl to appear in the comics. [Read More]

34 Elgato Game Capture HD60

Capturing gameplay has become all of the rage this year, and the Elgato Game Capture HD60 is one of the best game capture cards available.[Read More]

35 Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug

So. Many. Heat. Changing. Mugs. But that’s good, right? [Read More]

36 Darth Vader Shower Head

You’ve probably seen this floating around the web over the past couple of weeks, as it has quickly become a popular item. The Darth Vader Shower Head will shower them with the dark side.

37 Luxury Star Wars Pens (Cross)

Luxury Star Wars Pens (Cross)

Price: $400

Buy it here

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens around the corner, every smart merchandiser is finding a way to create some cool Star Wars merch. Now, high-end luxury pen company Cross has crafted the ultimate Star Wars Darth Vader Fountain Pen.

The pen commemorates the original 1977 film, as it has been designed to reflect the dark side of the force. It has a stain-black finish with Darth Vader-themed engravings, as well as a red Swarovski crystal inset at the top to represent his lightsaber. There are only 1,977 of the Darth Vader pens produced, and they’ve each been serialized for legitimacy as well as a certificate of authenticity. It comes with a keepsake box and stand (because what’s the point of owning a luxury Darth Vader pen if you can’t show it off to your friends). The hand-finished 18KT gold fountain pen nib adapts to the user’s unique touch, and it uses quick-drying ink that has been specially formulated. Of course, it comes in at a hefty price tag.

What’s more, there is also a Stormtrooper edition and a 23KT gold plated C-3PO version as well. These might be worth neglecting rent for.

38 Game of Thrones Monopoly

Instead of buying Boardwalk and Park Place, the Game of Thrones Monopoly allows players to buy King’s Landing and Braavos. [Read More]

39 Cuphead FunKo Pops

These Cuphead FunKo Pops are absolutely incredible, and they make the perfect nerdy gift for Cuphead fans.[Read More]

40 Splendor

Splendor first took off in 2015. It’s a multiplayer board game first published last year. [Read More]

41 Chewbacca Seatbelt Cover

We love to show everyone our love for Star Wars, including the cop that just pulled us over. Introducing the Star Wars-inspired Chewbacca Seat Belt Covers.[Read More]

42 It’s Dangerous To Go Alone Take This T-Shirt

The Legend of Zelda is undeniably a gem. Sure, it’s a difficult game, but luckily, controllers were attached to the console with a wire during the time of its release, so throwing your controller wasn’t much of an option.[Read More]

43 Nintendo Switch – $299.00

Nintendo has undeniably struck gold in 2017 with the release of the Nintendo Switch, their newest home console/handheld hybrid. [Read More]

44 Doctor Who Tardis Subtle Suit Jacket

Doctor Who Tardis Subtle Suit Jacket

There are many different varieties of these nerdy suit jackets over at Fun.com, including comic book-themed ones as well. [Read More]

Buy it here

46 Zelda Link Beanie with Elven Ears – $23.99

Zelda Link Beanie with Elven Ears – $23.99

Want Link’s ears? Check out the Zelda Link Beanie, complete with Elven ears for your next adventure.

Buy it here

47 Porg Plush Toy – $17.99

So soft, so cuddly. Check out more of the best Porg toys here.

48 Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Trophy Plaques – $430.99

Dungeons & Dragons Mind Flayer Trophy Plaques – $430.99

Undeniably impressive D&D mounted head plaques. They’re ridiculously cool, albeit super expensive. If you’re looking for their big Christmas gift, these are a great option.

Buy it here

49 SteelSeries Arctis 3 (New Colorways!!)

We’ve loved SteelSeries’ Arctis 3 headset since it hit the market last year. [Read More]

50 Rick and Morty Portal Umbrella (with Portal Gun Handle!)

With Adult Swim recently ordering another whopping 70 episodes of Rick and Morty a surge of related merchandise is inevitable. Get ahead of the crowds and snag yourself an awesome and incredibly useful Rick and Morty umbrella.

Any mad scientist, or crazy grandpa, can acknowledge the usefulness of truly being properly prepared. Well, nothing ruins a day like an unexpected rainstorm, so be ready. What better way to fend off rainstorms than with this Rick and Morty portal jump umbrella — new from Thinkgeek.

This officially licensed Rick and Morty merchandise is sure to keep you dry while making others wonder where Rick and Morty are headed this time. Featuring Rick and Morty caught mid portal jump, the expression on their faces is sure to turn heads.

This pop-up umbrella was designed to stow away neatly for any adventure and even comes with a matching carrying sleeve. A Wrist strap with a hook and loop closure ensure you won’t lose this umbrella while you portal jump to your next great adventure.

Between the carrying sleeve and wrist strap you will be beyond well equipped the next time those storm clouds roll in. Measuring 32 inches in diameter when fully open and 22 inches long, it is the perfect size to navigate around the galaxy while still staying dry.

51 Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4)

Our favorite game of 2018 so far is Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PS4, as it’s the best Spider-Man video game to date.[Read More]

52 Tracer Nendoroid

Overwatch has taken over the world, so it’s likely that they’re playing it.[Read More]

See Also: Best Overwatch Merchandise

53 LIFX Mini

LIFX’s smart wi-fi bulbs are vibrant, easy to setup, and don’t require a hub.[Read More]

54 Google Home – $99

Google Home – $99

The Google Home is at the top of our wishlist this year, as it comes in at $50 less than the Amazon Echo (which, for the record, you could also buy for us if you’d like). [Read More]

Buy it here

55 Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control

The Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control is a universal remote control that allows users to control most home electronics with unique gestures (like you’re casting a spell). It’s highly reviewed on Amazon.

56 The Nightmare Before Christmas Knit Scarf – $21.52

The Nightmare Before Christmas Knit Scarf – $21.52

Buy it here

57 Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters

A large, plush Monster Book of Monsters is what every Harry Potter fan needs in their life. Check out more cool Harry Potter stuff here.

58 Breath of the Wild Sheikah Watch

[Read More]

59 MunchPak Subscription – Starting at $24.95

MunchPak Subscription – Starting at $24.95
Featuring the MunchPak 10+ Full-Sized Snackbox

Recently reviewed by our illustrious leader, this subscription box has made the best impression. [Read More]

Buy it here

60 Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug

There are quite a few of these cool heat changing mugs available, but the one that we like the most is the Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug.[Read More]

61 Star Trek Schematic Illuminated LED Display

Space. The final frontier. These are the schematics of the USS Enterprise.

Now you too can have a map of every jefferies tube on the ship for the next time the Warp Core goes into meltdown. [Read More]

62 Star Trek TNG Bluetooth ComBadge

Finally, you can go on away missions and still be in contact with the rest of your crew. Introducing the Bluetooth TNG ComBadge. [Read More]

63 Illuminated Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable

You wouldn’t think you’d be able to recharge your devices with the most famous hunk of junk in the galaxy. But now, thanks to ThinkGeek, you can do just that with this Millennium Falcon Micro-USB Charging Cable.

This Star Wars-themed cable has a 34″ cord that’s not only long, but it’s also illuminated with blue lights that animate when your device is charging as if you’re getting all of the Millennium Falcon’s power to juice your phone. It’s a pretty cool effect, and it looks especially great in a dark room. The Millennium Falcon charging cable also has illumination from the Falcon itself, with blue light glowing out of it while you’re charging. You’ll also know when your device is completely charged, as the animation on the cable will stop. The front of the Falcon has the male micro-USB end. The new cable uses USB 2.0, and you can use it to both charge your phone and transfer files to and from your PC. It’s another great way to inject some unnecessary nerdiness into your daily routine, and we’re all about that here.

64 Glitter Exclusive Funko POP! Labyrinth Jareth Figure

Introducting His Majesty the Goblin King, in all his glittering glory. [Read More]

65 Kano DIY Computer Kit (Complete)

This has got to be one of the coolest 6+ kids toys that have hit the market in the last year. Ever wanted to give the child in your life a head-start on coding, computer programming, or game development? Look absolutely no further, because you’ve found it.[Read More]

66 Star Wars RESIST Long Sleeve Shirt

With so much Star Trek stuff on this list, I felt it only right to add a bit of Star Wars, too. [Read More]

67 Notes from the Upside Down | Unofficial Stranger Things Guide

Having recently hopped on the Stranger Things bandwagon myself, and with Season 4 having been recently confirmed by Netflix, it would be stupid not to include an unofficial manual to help you catch up on all the best information on Stranger Things. And I’m not stupid.[Read More]

68 Mass Effect Geeki Tikis

Add a little color to your Captain’s Quarters with these adorable Tiki drinking glasses. [Read More]

69 Tiny Arcade Retro Games

Ever felt the urge to take a trip down nostalgia alley (parallel to memory lane, just seedier) and play some good old fashioned retro arcade games? [Read More]

70 Mechanical DIY 20 Minute Timer

If you’re a fan of puzzles, or clocks, or just building stuff in general, then you’re going to love this DIY timer.[Read More]

71 Fidgety Controller

Finally, a fidget toy that makes sense. Practice your attack combos or jump sequences with this 7-button “control” fidget, which is about as big as your thumb.[Read More]

72 Nintendo Game Boy Classic Heat-Changing Mug

Nintendo Game Boy Classic Heat-Changing Mug

Want a shot of nostalgia with your cup of morning joe? Now you can get that flashback to the good ol’ days with this heat-sensitive coffee mug licensed by Nintendo.[Read More]

Buy the Nintendo Game Boy Classic Heat-Changing Mug here

73 LASER X Two Player Laser Tag Gaming Set

Ever wanted to play a sick game of laser tag with your buddy, but didn’t have any laser tag dungeons nearby? Now you can solve all your problems with this set of two laser guns from Laser X. Or at least have a wicked mano a mano duel with your friends.[Read More]

74 The Oregon Trail Card Game

Die of dysentery in new and exciting ways with this throwback to a gaming classic![Read More]

75 Sky Viper V2450 HD Video Streaming Drone with FPV

Get a bird’s eye view with this remote-controlled FPV video streaming drone by Sky Viper.[Read More]

76 Unicorn Hooded Long Sleeve Blanket Sleeper

Get your comfy on with this adorable hooded unicorn lounger by Cat & Jack. [Read More]

77 Harry Potter Team Player Charm – $29.99

Harry Potter Team Player Charm – $29.99

Show the Potterhead in your life what a keeper you are with this Quidditch-inspired, licensed Harry Potter charm. [Read More]

Buy the Harry Potter Team Player Charm here

78 Smithsonian 30X Telescope/ Monocular Kit – $28.80

Smithsonian 30X Telescope/ Monocular Kit – $28.80

Have someone in your life who’s always reaching for the stars? [Read More]

Buy the Smithsonian® 30X Telescope/ Monocular Kit here

79 Sony PlayStation VR DriveClub Starter Bundle

Jumpstart your VR experience with this wicked bundle for Sony PlayStation VR. [Read More]

80 Fitbit® Charge 2 Heart Rate + Fitness Wristband

Get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution with the new Fitbit® model.[Read More]

81 Zelda Chess Collector’s Set

Zelda Chess Collector’s Set

Take your fight of good and evil (or Courage and Power, as it were…) to more strategic heights with this exquisite, officially licensed Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time inspired chess set from Merchoid. [Read More]

Buy the Zelda Chess Collector’s Set here

82 Ori and the Blind Forest: Let Sleeping Spirits Lie Plush – $74.99

Ori and the Blind Forest: Let Sleeping Spirits Lie Plush – $74.99

Riding the tailwinds of the Microsoft announcement for Ori and the Will of the Wisps from earlier this year, this plush-pair of Ori and Naru from the original game Ori and the Blind Forest is sure to pull at your heartstrings (and make you want to play the game all over again).[Read More]

Buy the Ori and the Blind Forest: Let Sleeping Spirits Lie Plush here

83 Stardew Valley Green Fingers Junimo Plush – $29.99

Stardew Valley Green Fingers Junimo Plush – $29.99

Who could resist pleasing these little harvest spirits while playing Stardew Valley? I know I couldn’t.[Read More]

Buy the Stardew Valley Green Fingers Junimo Plush here

84 Star Wars The Last Jedi BB-9E Dome Handbag Tote

You Sith out there may have 99 problems, but now, having an awesome handbag ain’t one.[Read More]

85 Harley Quinn: Let’s Get Hammered T-Shirt – $25.99

Harley Quinn: Let’s Get Hammered T-Shirt – $25.99

Featuring the wildest of the Gotham City Sirens, this shirt is the perfect gift for any DC Universe fan who loves Harley Quinn, but not so much her stint as Mistah J’s personal punching bag.[Read More]

Buy the Harley Quinn: Let’s Get Hammered T-Shirt here

86 Fallout: Nuclear Winter Onesie – $49.99

Fallout: Nuclear Winter Onesie – $49.99

Endure this year’s dystopia a little easier with this cozy, Vault-regulated onesie. Featuring a front-zipper and yellow embroidered detailing, this blue lounger is made from a soft poly-cotton blend and an inner lining of sunny yellow – not that you’ll be seeing the sun much, in the Vault.[Read More]

Buy the Fallout: Nuclear Winter Onesie here

87 Amazon Echo Dot

Now you can do more with Alexa from anywhere in your house with the Echo Dot 2nd Gen. from Amazon. [Read More]

88 Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit

Do your part for the Resistance by building your own Droid using this awesome littleBits kit. [Read More]

89 LEGO Boost Creative Toolbox 17101 Building and Coding Kit

Now your little inventor can get creative with this 5 in 1 robot building kit by Lego. [Read More]

90 What Do You Meme? Game

Do you have friends who are constantly responding to you in memes? Well, now put their love of internet-humor to good use in this fun adult party game.[Read More]

91 Set of 4 Charming Kitten Measuring Cups

Get a meow-thful (Ha.) of these adorable nesting measuring cups. [Read More]

92 Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls Box Set

Do you have a girl in your life that has a problem with (patriarchal) authority? Get your rebel girl this box set of two “good night” storybooks that’ll have her dreaming big.[Read More]

93 Sock It To Me Constellations Knee High Socks

When we were kids, we couldn’t imagine getting socks for Christmas – even the idea sucked! But that was before we realized how out of this world socks could be. [Read More]

94 Pink Octopus Ceramic 3D Coffee Mug with Tentacle Handle

Cthulhu called, and it says you should probably get this mug. But seriously, who doesn’t love cephalopod-inspired drinkware?[Read More]

95 Star Wars Death Star Hot Air-Style Popcorn Maker

Now you too can make use of the Death Star’s exhaust port with this fun Star Wars popcorn maker. [Read More]

96 MineCraft Good vs. Evil Comforter (Twin)

Creep it real for your Minecraft love with this bedspread set. Featuring the iconic green Minecraft Creeper, this set ensure you have a blast during bedtime.[Read More]

97 Marvel Thor Ragnarok 80s Retro Sunset Halftone Hero T-Shirt

Armor up for the coming of Ragnarok with this licensed Marvel t-shirt. Stylized with a distinctly 80’s vibe, this t-shirt is the perfect thing for MCU fans when you go to see Thor: Ragnarok in theatres.[Read More]

98 Harry Potter Black Cauldron Ceramic Soup Mug with Spoon

Make your lunch break just a little more witchy with this Harry Potter cauldron. [Read More]

99 Harry Potter House Trunk Sets

They came out with a new set of Harry Potter covers, guys. Shut up and take my galleons. [Read More]

100 Adult Coloring Books – Varies

Adult Coloring Books – Varies

Adult coloring books are all the rage this year, and there are many different books to choose from for their coloring pleasure.[Read More]

Check out the Game of Thrones Coloring Book here.

101 Li’l Sebastian Throw Blanket

Li’l Sebastian Throw Blanket

If they’re a big Parks and Recreation fan like we are here at Nerd Much?, they’re going to absolutely LOVE this Li’l Sebastian Throw Blanket that celebrates Pawnee’s pride and joy.

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